Wendy Williams: Taraji P Henson Dating & Bobbie Thomas Power Of Style


Wendy Williams: Taraji P Henson & Bobbie Thomas “The Power Of Style”

On April 25 2013, Wendy Williams is talking with the sassy Taraji P Henson. Henson is dishing on CBS’ Person of Interest and what’s going on in her love life. Then, fashion expert Bobbie Thomas is stopping by the show to unveil her new book, The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Dressed Tomorrow. And don’t miss Wendy’s word of the day to win a trip to Jamaica!

Who Is Taraji P Henson Dating?

Wendy Williams: Taraji P Henson Dating & Bobbie Thomas Power Of Style

On April 25 2013, Wendy Williams talks to Taraji P Henson about Person of Interest and what her dating life looks like. Bobbie Thomas gives fashion advice. (image credit: Featureflash, Shutterstock.com)


Taraji P Henson told Wendy last time she visited that she is pretty reserved in her dating life. She’s never dated Drake or Tyrese Gibson, but she did date rapper Common. All of Wendy’s guests thought that Taraji Henson was getting together with every man on the market.

“Drake was a friend,” she said. “You know what, it was cute because I knew he liked me. I kept looking at him like, ‘if you were 10 years older, boy.'”

Did Taraji P Henson Date Tyrese Gibson?

Even though that love connection didn’t work out, Taraji said that she and Tyrese Gibson were working on getting back on screen together. The role that kickstarted both of their careers was the 2001 film Baby Boya coming-of-age urban drama.


Taraji said that she and Tyrese never hooked up off screen. She believes that whatever you do in your private life should remain private.

“If you’re [hooking up] with them, why would they ever want to work with you again? Think about it,” she cautioned.

Bobbie Thomas Fashion & The Power of Style

Do you wake up in the morning and throw on your favorite shirt you’ve worn for the last 10 years? Maybe that top is great, but maybe it’s time to take a leap of faith and try a new look. On this episode of Wendy Williams, Bobbie Thomas is giving you advice you need before you get dressed tomorrow. She wants to rescue the fashionably lost and bring them into a smart, stylish and satisfied wardrobe.


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