Wendy Williams: Sherri Shepherd Plan D Review & Singer Darlene Love


Wendy Williams: Sherri Shepherd Plan D Review

Sherri Shepherd is stopping by Wendy Williams June 17 2013 and she has a lot to talk about. Her new book, Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes, has been on shelves for awhile but Wendy Williams knows her audience wants to hear how Plan D works right from the author.

Wendy Williams: Sherri Shepherd Plan D Review & Singer Darlene Love

Wendy Williams June 17 2013 is sitting down with Sherri Shepherd to talk about her new book, Plan D, and Darlene Love is stopping by for a performance.
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Shepherd, who suffers from diabetes herself after being pre-diabetic for years, is going to tell about her struggle with diabetes over the years. From learning she was pre-diabetic and not caring to being diagnosed with diabetes and learning how to live with the disease. According to her, where she lived everyone was pre-diabetic but it never worried anyone. She wants to change this view of diabetes and let people know it is a serious disease.

Sherri Shepherd Comedy Special

Sherri Shepherd is also preparing for her own comedy special. She and Wendy Williams will be discussing how she gets prepared and what types of jokes she is bringing to her special.

Hopefully we get to see a little taste of what she will be doing on stage.


Wendy Williams: What’s Happening on The View?

This is also going to be a perfect time for Wendy Williams to answer all everyone’s questions about The View. With so many people coming and going and so many guest co-hosts filling the spot, all hoping for a permanent job on the show, there are lots of questions and there is no one better to answer them than Sherri Shepherd.

The View: Singer Darlene Love

Wendy Williams is bringing a musical icon on her show in the form of Darlene Love.

Love, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011, with Bette Midler giving the induction speech, is stopping by Wendy Williams to talk about how her life has been going since her induction.

Hopefully Love sings a few songs for the audience but it is unlikely since she hasn’t come out with any new music since the late 2000s. But you never know. She has performed on talk shows before but not a few years.


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