Wendy Williams: Seal On Surfboard Video & Keshia Knight Pulliam Splash


Wendy Williams: Keshia Knight Pulliam Makes a Splash & Hot Spring Trends

On March 18 2013, Wendy Williams is talking to InStyle magazine’s fashion editor and beauty director about the newest spring trends. She’s dishing hot topics from PopGoesTheWeek.com. Then, Keshia Knight Pulliam of Cosby fame is talking about her new diving competition, Splash. 

Wendy Williams: Seal On Surfboard Video & Keshia Knight Pulliam Splash

On March 18 2013, Wendy Williams talks to Keshia Knight Pulliam about competing on Splash. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Wendy Williams: Hot Spring Trends

InStyle magazine knows what we’ll be looking for this spring and there is still snow on the ground. With just a few days to go until the first day of spring, Wendy has Fashion Editor Subira Shaw and Beauty Director Amy Synnott-D’Annibale in the studio talking about the latest spring trends.

So far this season we’ve seen wild florals, lucite accessories and accents and new trends in neutrals.

Wendy Williams: Hot Topics PopGoesTheWeek.com

Brian Balthazar from PopGoesTheWeek.com is on Wendy’s couch talking about the hottest topics in celebrity gossip. Balthazar has a lot of awesome pop news, but I think the highlight of his site is the POP Goes Wild. What will be the next viral video on YouTube? Balthazar has the most adorable videos you will ever see. Recently, he posted a video about seal pups trying to ride a surfboard. Be warned, you might die of cute.


Wendy Williams: Splash With Keshia Knight Pulliam

The newest and strangest reality competition to hit your television is without a doubt Splash. Celebrities, notable persons and sports stars compete at diving. They have been training for weeks and the premiere is March 19 2013 at 8 p.m. I would place favorites on Pulliam and Kendra Wilkinson. The underdogs for me are Louie Anderson and Chuy Bravo. The saddest thing is that Drake Bell is on the show. Any girl that watched All ThatThe Amanda Show or Drake & Josh is now obligated to watch this once great teen star fall from great heights, literally.

This show reminds me of a reality failure where stars had to ice skate. I’m not sure what’s more dangerous, strapping sharp blades to uncoordinated celebrities or making them fall into a pool with very little training. I’m a little concerned.


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