Wendy Williams: Mom Gadgets, Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts & Gossip


Wendy Williams May 10 2013

Everyone has been talking about moms all week, and Wendy Williams has saved her biggest Mother’s Day surprises for last. Dr Gadget will be her guest to showcase Mom Gadgets, in case you need a very last minute gift this weekend. Plus, pop culture experts are joining Wendy’s Hot Talk panel this Friday. Here’s what’s coming up for May 10.

Wendy Williams: Mom Gadgets With Dr Gadget

Wendy Williams: Mom Gadgets, Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts & Gossip

Wendy Williams and Dr Gadget have the best Mom Gadgets for your last minute Mother’s Day shopping on May 10 2013. Plus, pop culture experts dish with Wendy.


Let’s face it: if you have waited until the weekend of Mother’s Day to figure out a gift idea, you are the ultimate procrastinator. But Wendy has you covered, because Dr Gadget is coming on her Friday episode to share some of the best Mom Gadgets on the market. Can these tools improve your mom’s life or make the day a little easier? Find out when you tune in for the May 10 episode.

What do you think is the right kind of Mother’s Day gift? Sure, it depends on your age. Children are more likely to go the homemade or creative route. But what should adults be looking for when shopping for mom (or dad, since Father’s Day is soon as well)?

Wendy Show: Hot Talk & The Gossip Game

It’s time for some more straight talk about the week’s biggest pop culture stories. That’s what’s happening in Wendy’s Hot Talk segment this Friday.


Joining the panel is Ali Fedotowsky, who starred in Bachelorette and hosts the series First Look. Plus, from VH1’s The Gossip Game, Sharon Carpenter is bringing the dish to Wendy. Rounding out the panel on Friday is comedian Adam Conover.

Who do you think is the ultimate pop culture and gossip expert? Tell me your picks for the best panelists by leaving a comment below.

We know who’s going to be on Wendy’s May 10 episode, but there are always fresh faces on future episodes. You never know who might turn up.


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