Wendy Williams: Melania Trump Caviar Complex C6 & Luke James “I.O.U.”


Wendy Williams: Melania Trump & Luke James Performs

On April 9 2013, Wendy Williams is chatting up the lovely Mrs. Donald Trump, Melania Trump. She’s dishing on her appearance on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. Then, R&B singer Luke James brings things down with his new single, “I.O.U.” All this, plus hot topics from Ian Drew & Us Weekly.

Wendy Williams: Melania Trump Caviar Complex C6

Wendy Williams: Melania Trump Caviar Complex C6 & Luke James "I.O.U."

On April 9 2013, Wendy talks to Melania Trump about her skin care line, Melania Trump Caviar Complex C6. (lev radin / Shutterstock.com)


On a recent episode of All-Star Celebrity ApprenticeDonald Trump’s wife Melania wanted help promoting her new skin care line, Melania Trump Caviar Complex C6. She says she created the care line “to repair, hydrate and renew the skin.” You can currently buy the line at Lord and Taylor. She developed the line to rebuild the collagen in skin and beat aging. It contains actual caviar from South France that is full of nutrients.

Melania tells Wendy about the skin care line on April 9. Wendy loves to gossip with the Trumps, so we’ll also get insight into the Donald’s home life. While she is promoting her skin care line, I have to wonder what Donald’s hair care line includes.

Wendy Williams: Luke James “I.O.U.”

Wendy is excited to meet R&B singer Luke James on April 9. His song “I.O.U.” is a smooth jam about love. He sings that he’ll owe his love forever because she is so wonderful and good to him. I have a feeling Wendy will be swooning through the first few verses and then flat on the floor.


Wendy Williams: Us Weekly Hot Topics

This week’s hottest topics are coming straight from Ian Drew and Us Weekly. The magazine is reporting tons of pregnancies and engagements. The Big Bang Theory‘s Melissa Gilbert is engaged to her girlfriend. Jenna Dewan-Tatum is baring her bump all over the place. Also, Taylor Swift isn’t sure if she’s going to get married. At this point, TSwift, I’d say men are running from you. 


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