Wendy Williams: Maury Povich 2500th Episode & Spring Makeup Reviews


Wendy Williams May 20 2013

Wendy Williams is kicking off her week with a bang. Maury Povich will be on her show to talk about celebrating his milestone 2,500th show. Plus, Lucky magazine’s Lori Bergamotto is back with makeup advice for spring. Here’s what’s up with Wendy on May 20.

Wendy Show: Maury Povich 2,500th Episode

Wendy Williams: Maury Povich 2500th Episode & Spring Makeup Reviews

Wendy Williams is talking with Maury Povich about his landmark 2500th episode on her May 20 2013 show. This episode will also feature spring makeup advice.


Maury Povich has been on TV for over 20 years, and for most of that time, he has been talking to all kinds of people. But most of them just want to know their DNA test results. Find out what he did to mark the special occasion of his show’s 2,500th episode.

Can you believe that Maury has been on TV for so many years? He still seems to be popular as part of the tabloid talk show circuit, and it’s strange to think of that genre as akin to soaps. Viewers always know what they are going to get when they tune in, and the shows are there day after day.

Maury is coming to Wendy’s show on May 20.


Maury Povich Vs Steve Wilkos

Do you have a favorite tabloid talk show host? It’s OK to admit it. They each seem to have a slightly different approach to the lie detectors, relationship upheaval, and other common elements.

Maury has a winning combination, but something about Steve Wilkos and his direct approach makes me appreciate what he brings to the genre. Maury is more detached, and Jerry doesn’t seem to be interested in anything other than encouraging fights.

Did you know Maury is so successful that he has a spinoff? Trisha Goddard started as a relationship expert on Maury’s show, and now she is hosting her own TV show.

Wendy Williams: Lori Bergamotto Makeup Reviews

Lori Bergamotto is showing off the hottest looks for spring that you can make at home with products you already have. Check out these must-have makeup trends that will keep you looking chic through summer. That’s ahead on the May 20 2013 episode of Wendy’s show.


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