Wendy Williams: Marilu Henner Fired On All-Star Celebrity Apprentice


Wendy Williams May 7 2013

Wendy Williams has all the dish on her May 7 2013 episode. From All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, fired contestant Marilu Henner is coming on Tuesday’s show. Plus, it’s time for another installment of Wendy’s dating game, Guy Candy. Here’s what you can expect on the next Wendy.

Wendy Williams: Marilu Henner All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

Wendy Williams: Marilu Henner Fired On All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

On Wendy Williams May 7, fired All-Star Celebrity Apprentice contestant Marilu Henner will be on the show to talk about her boardroom battle. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Marilu Henner may be out of the boardroom, but she is on top of her game. The actress, known for her stellar cognitive abilities, will literally never forget a moment of her time on Donald Trump’s reality show. That is because she actually cannot forget anything!

Henner has highly superior autobiographical memory, which means that she retains details from every single day she has lived since childhood. That has got to make it difficult to come up with an excuse when you want to forget something, and I imagine it would be hard to forget the things you would like to put behind you.

Wendy Williams and Marilu Henner will dish about Celebrity Apprentice on the May 7 show.


Wendy Show: Guy Candy

Calling all the single ladies! Wendy Williams wants you in her audience. You never know when someone in the studio may get a chance to win a date with an eligible bachelor. Wendy seems to have a stable of good-looking single men waiting for a chance to go on a blind date with someone from the audience. Will one of these matches result in a love connection? Tune in to Wendy’s show to find out.

Wendy Williams: Diana Madison Hot Topics

From gossip website Hollyscoop, Diana Madison is joining Wendy Williams on May 7 for a fresh segment of Hot Topics. See what everyone is going to be talking about this week when you check in with Wendy. The opinionated hostess is always ready to tell you what’s on her mind.


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