Wendy Williams: Lucy Liu Elementary S2 & As Seen On TV Product Reviews


Wendy Williams: Lucy Liu Elementary Season 2

Lucy Liu is making her Wendy Williams debut this June 18 2013. She is stopping by the talk show hosts stage to talk about the new season of Elementary, where she plays the addiction counselor to a modern day Sherlock Holmes. She has said in previous interviews she is really excited to shoot this season of the show because they will be filming in London for some of the episodes.

Wendy Williams: Lucy Liu Elementary Review & Best As Seen on TV Items

Wendy Williams June 18 2013 is talking with Lucy Liu about her role in Elementary and they check out some of the best As Seen on TV products.
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She is also going to be talking with Wendy Williams about what she has in the works for films and TV spots later this year, although she is spending a majority of her time filming for Elementary.

Lucy Liu is also heading to the Hot Seat where Wendy asks her some pretty risque questions.

“Does size matter?” is just one of the questions Lucy Liu has to answer.


Wendy Williams: As Seen On TV Product Reviews

Wendy Williams is also taking some time in this episode to look at some of the best As Seen on TV products. While she has yet to let anyone know which products she will be reviewing, below a list of some of the wackiest As Seen on TV products I could find.

  • The Pocket Hose – A hose that can be stored in your pocket. 
  • The Side Socket – A socket that swivels to the side.
  • Ruggies – Little sticky pieces of paper that hold your carpets in place.
  • Zoomies – Glasses with built in binoculars.
  • Hot Buns – The perfect product to make a bun in your hair.
  • The Robostir – A handless way to stir anything on the stove.

Wendy Williams Hot Topics: Kim Kardashian Gives Birth

Wendy Williams is definitely going to be talking about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy during her Hot Topics segment.

Hopefully we can find out what Kim and Kanye named their baby by then.


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