Wendy Williams: La Toya Jackson Fired & Tatyana Ali Hook Up With Drake


Wendy Williams: La Toya Jackson Fired & Tatyana Ali Hook Up With Drake

On March 19 2013, Tatyana Ali told Wendy just what happened to the first Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Wendy Williams: Tatyana Ali & La Toya Jackson

On March 19 2013, Wendy Williams is dishing with her gal pal La Toya Jackson and young gun Tatyana Ali.


Wendy Williams: Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali played the adorable little sister on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She told Wendy about her recent birthday and how Drake surprised her at Supper Club in L.A.

Drake ordered Tatyana a bottle of champagne that was brought down from the ceiling. She said it was such a special moment, but didn’t directly answer if she had had a fling with Drake. She said that nothing is wrong with a one night stand.

Wendy asked Tatyana what happened with Janet Hubert, the first Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince. Tatyana said that it felt like a divorce when Hubert left the show. She had bonded with her like a mother and there was definitely negativity there. Will Smith never made her choose between friends, but she felt the bad energy on set.


Wendy Williams: La Toya Jackson Fired

On The Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars, La Toya Jackson was not going to let Omarosa run all over her. She stood her ground, but ultimately the project manager went home. She came to tell Wendy all about her hair and style. She told Wendy that the family is good and everyone is doing well, but they really wanted to talk about Apprentice. Wendy asked her what she really thought about her co-star Omarosa.

“I don’t,” she said sweetly.

Wendy’s audience seemed to think that Omarosa was using her fiance Michael Clarke Duncan’s death to get ahead in the game. La Toya said that Omarosa is very fake and everyone on the show thinks Omarosa is full of crocodile tears. She was puzzled how Omarosa captured the sweet Michael Clarke Duncan. She thinks that everyone is scared of Omarosa and stays quiet in the board room. La Toya said that she was hurt to be fired, but knew that Donald Trump wouldn’t get rid of Omarosa because he needed her drama on the show.


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