Wendy Williams: Kerry Washington Scandal & David Alan Grier Peeples


Wendy Williams May 14 2013

Kerry Washington is lighting up Wendy’s stage for the May 14 episode. Spring Fever is heating up with the star of Scandal. Plus, her Peeples co-star, David Alan Grier, is also on Wendy’s show. Then, someone at home could win a trip to Jamaica.

Wendy Show: Kerry Washington Scandal

Wendy Williams: Kerry Washington Scandal & David Alan Grier Peeples

On Wendy’s May 14 show, Scandal star Kerry Washington is in the hot seat along with her Peeples co-star, David Alan Grier. Will she crack under pressure? (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


The stunning Kerry Washington has found success this year with roles in Django Unchained and the hit drama Scandal. Now she is back on the big screen in the latest film from Tyler Perry, Peeples.

What is it like achieving the heights of fame and success after years of paying your dues? Find out what Kerry thinks about all the attention she has earned lately when she chats with Wendy Williams on May 14.

Wendy Williams: David Alan Grier Peeples

David Alan Grier has been a comedy fixture for 30 years, starring in shows like Martin and In Living Color. One of his latest roles is alongside Kerry Washington in Peeples. Their co-stars include Craig Robinson and S. Epatha Merkerson, as well as Diahann Carroll.


The movie is now in theaters, and David Alan Grier is promoting it along with his colleague, Kerry Washington. Together, they are sharing the hot seat for the first time on Wendy’s show.

Wendy Show: Spring Fever Hot Seat

Do you think you could handle the rapid fire of Wendy’s hot seat? She is not afraid to ask the tough questions and deliver a dose of brutal honesty when she thinks it is called for. I wouldn’t book a guest on that show who was timid or could not hold their own.

If you have skeletons in the closet, Wendy just might stumble upon them. See if she gets some dirt on Kerry or David during their May 14 visit. It could be one for the record books!


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