Wendy Williams: Kerry Washington & David Alan Grier in the Hot Seat


Wendy Williams: Kerry Washington in the Hot Seat

Kerry Washington is stopping by Wendy Williams to promote her new movie, Peeples, where she plays a successful lawyer who is dating a less successful boyfriend and her parents are not very keen on the idea especially after he shows up at a family event.

Wendy Williams: Kerry Washington & David Alan Grier in the Hot Seat

Wendy Williams May 23 2013 is sitting down Kerry Washington and David Alan Grier in her Hot Seat to talk about their roles in the new movie Peeples. (carrie-nelson / Shutterstock.com)


Besides talking about the movie, Wendy Williams is sitting Kerry Washington down in the Hot Seat where she must answer all Wendy Williams questions honestly.

David Alan Grier Peeples Review

David Alan Grier is also stopping by the show to talk about his role in the movie Peeples. He plays the role of Virgil Peeples, the father of Washington’s character is not excited in the least to see his daughter’s boyfriend show up at his house for a family outing.

Double Hot Seat Questions

Wendy Williams is switching up how the Hot Seat works by bringing in a second Hot Seat. Both Kerry Washington and David Alan Grier are sitting down together to answer all of Wendy Williams questions and one of them seemed to have thrown Grier for a loop.


Wendy Williams asked him if he has ever sent a nude picture to someone and after a slight pause to think about how he wanted to work his answer, he told the world the truth about sending out nudes.

Wendy Williams Spring Fever Month

Wendy Williams is continuing her Spring Fever Month with some special guests and she is also giving away a trip to Jamaica. You are going to have to tune into the show to find out how to win the trip though. She isn’t letting out any information for the trip until her May 23 2013 episode.


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