Wendy Williams: Jenny McCarthy Celebrity Crush & Match.com Dating Game


Wendy Williams: Jenny McCarthy Valentine’s Day

You would think men would be chomping at the bit to date Jenny McCarthy. Beauty, brains, comedic talent and a kind heart, but she’s still single! On March 4, Wendy is re-airing her Valentine’s day show where she tried to set McCarthy up with one of three lucky bachelors.

Jenny McCarthy: Moving To Chicago

Wendy Williams: Jenny McCarthy Celebrity Crush & Match.com Dating Game

On March 4, Wendy Williams is re-airing her Valentine’s Day show with Jenny McCarthy. Will McCarthy find love on Wendy’s dating game? (DFree / Shutterstock.com)


McCarthy told Wendy that she has moved back to Chicago, where she is raising her son Evan. She said before the move she was searching for her life, but now she is living it. Her son is very happy there and they are surrounded by family and friends. She gets to hang out with people she went to high school with and her Chicago accent is coming back.

She said the move has her commuting back and forth to New York, where she tapes her new show for VH1. She knew that Evan would find friends for life in Chicago. She called him to say happy Valentine’s, and he said he broke up with his girlfriend. She was touched by how he likes something different about all the girls he knows, but a little creeped out when he said he wanted to date all of them at once.

Jenny McCarthy: Bradley Cooper Celebrity Crush

Last time she was on Wendy, McCarthy spilled the beans that she has a massive celebrity crush on Bradley Cooper. Since then, he hasn’t responded to her declaration of love. She said she is fine with it and since she has talked about it so much she is getting over him. He has a standing invitation to come on The Jenny McCarthy Show. 


Wendy Williams: Jenny McCarthy Dating Game

Three single men from Match.com faced off for McCarthy’s heart. Nelson is a guy looking for a smart, ambitious girl and he works in sports marketing. Rob works in sales and has been pining for McCarthy since she was on Singled Out. Brad is a personal trainer and works on Wall Street while looking for a nice girl.

She asked them what their idea of a perfect evening with her would be. Nelson wanted to sweep her away to Mexico. Rob said he would bring her home to make dinner. Brad wanted to de-robe and cook, dance and do things at home.

Nelson was definitely full of himself, Rob had all of Jenny’s Playboys and Brad was absolutely ripped. Jenny chose Nelson, surprisingly. She thought that Rob and Brad were cute and hunky. She picked Nelson because “the gay boys in the audience told me to.”


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