Wendy Williams: Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Fashion & Ben Affleck’s Beard


Wendy Williams: Oscar Fashion

We’ve put the glamorous award season to bed for the year and now the only things left are the Kid’s Choice and MTV awards. The 85th Academy Awards will surely go down in history as one of the best. From shocking ties for awards to Jennifer Lawrence’s graceful face plant, it was a night to remember.

Wendy Williams: Jennifer Lawrence Meets Jack Nicholson

Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen cleans up good. The Hunger Games star wore Dior Haute Couture to the awards and she has never looked so pretty. J-Law is gorgeous all the time, but she looked like Cinderella raided Glinda the Good Witch’s closet. It was a stunning and voluminous pink ball gown paired with a perfect up-do and a draping necklace. All talk of her clothes went right out the window when she ran into Jack Nicholson backstage.


Wendy Williams: Academy Awards 2013 Worst Dressed

Wendy Williams: Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Fashion & Ben Affleck's Beard

On March 6 2013, Wendy Williams recaps her favorite Oscars fashions. Here’s hoping Jennifer Lawrence made the list! (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Looking back, I don’t think anyone was truly worst dressed. The ladies dressed for their body types and were covered. It was all a matter of personal style. Helen Hunt’s dress was a minor flop because she didn’t steam the dress and it looked so wrinkled that the dress ended up wearing her. If we have to pick a worst dressed it would sadly, and obviously, go to Helena Bonham Carter. It’s not really clear what she was wearing or why. We must remember, though, that Helena is out there and has a signature “I don’t care” attitude.


Wendy Williams: Ben Affleck’s Beard

As for the men, I believe best dressed goes to Ben Affleck’s beard. The Argo director, producer and star sadly shaved his beard the day after winning, but it will remain in our memories are the finest beard in recent memory. George Clooney and Grant Heslov were also close contenders. It’s hard to give a man worst dressed, but I’ll go with the guy that wore a kilt. He did win for Brave, but that’s just a little too much.

Wendy Williams: Keith Sweat Make It Last Forever

Wendy also talks to Keith Sweat on her couch after he performs his hit song. He tells Wendy all about his new book, Make It Last Forever: The Dos and Don’ts.


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