Wendy Williams: Jeannie Mai Spring Shoe Fashion & Hour Long Hot Topics


Wendy Williams: Summer Blockbuster Must-See Movies

Wendy Williams: Jeannie Mai Spring Shoe Fashion & Hour Long Hot Topics

Wendy Williams April 30 2013 is talking with Jeannie Mai about the best spring shoe fashion and she is looking at the best movies coming out this summer.

Movie critic Ben Lyons is stopping by Wendy Williams to talk about the huge blockbuster movies coming out this summer. He is giving everyone a sneak peek at what you are going to watch this summer and which movies are going to be a bust. From The Great Gatsby to a new film with Rebel Wilson, Wendy has the scoop on what you need to watch and what you need to skip.


Which movies are you looking forward to this summer? Let know in the comments.

Jeannie Mai Spring Shoe Trends

Wendy Williams’ fans love being stylish and they know the key to a stylish outfit is in the shoes. Jeannie Mai, a fashion and beauty expert, is going over the hottest spring fashions for shoes. From flats to sandals to heels every woman should own, Mai literally has your shoe selection for spring picked out and ready to go.

Wendy Williams: Hour Long Episode Of Hot Topics

If there was any type of juicy, celebrity gossip in the news this past week, Wendy Williams will be talking about it on her April 30 2013 episode when she has an entire hour of Hot Topics.


One of the Hot Topics she is going to be discussing is Eddie Murphy. She said she is always bringing him up on her show because she knows he watches her show in secret and doesn’t tell anyone.

It’s okay Eddie. We all have our guilty pleasures  You can come clean and let everyone know you DVR Wendy Williams every afternoon.

Wendy Williams will also be discussing the new Barack Obama commercial with Steven Spielberg and any other celebrity news that pops up in the next couple of days.


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