Wendy Williams: Jay Pharoah Saturday Night Live & Hot Spring Trends


Wendy Williams: Spring Trends & Jay Pharoah

On April 8 2013, Wendy Williams is back with a week of new episodes. Her new schedule has her working double time so that Wendy can be on all summer. I’m sure she’s glad to be back.

This Monday Wendy is talking with comedian Jay Pharoah. She’s breaking down the hottest spring trends and the hottest of hot topics.


Wendy Williams: Jay Pharoah Saturday Night Live & Hot Spring Trends

On April 8 2013, Wendy Williams comes back with new episodes and Saturday Night Live comedian Jar Pharoah. (Glynnis Jones / Shutterstock.com)

Wendy Williams: Hot Topics

It’s a new week and it’s time for more hot topics. Last week, Wendy had a week off. We’ll get to hear about what she was up to and what she thought of last week’s gossip.

Taking a stab in the dark, I’m thinking that Wendy will talk about Roger Ebert’s passing. It rocked the film world and I’m sure Wendy was a fan. What isn’t she a fan of really? Maybe Wendy will throw her hat into the ring as the next big film critic? That would be entertaining to say the least.


Wendy Williams: Jay Paroah

Then, funny man Jay Pharoah stops by. Pharoah is a master of the impressions. He’s done Obama, Chris Rock, Thresh from Hunger Games, Kanye West, Morgan Freeman and Jay-Z. He’s done a few original characters, but I’m a fan of the spoofs rather than the originals on Saturday Night LiveHe’s currently trying to break away from SNL while still keeping his loyal fans. We all know that SNL can’t last forever.

Wendy Williams: TheLuxurySpot.Com Spring Trends

Also on April 8, Wendy gets the hottest spring trends from TheLuxurySpot.com. Which pumps should you invest in this season? Should you go for tribal or floral prints? Bryce Gruber reveals this spring’s must-have trends.


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