Wendy Williams Hour Long Hot Topics Show & Amanda Bynes Arrested


Wendy Williams: Hour Long Show of Hot Topics

Wendy Williams is finally listening to her viewers cries for an hour long episode of Hot Topics. So, she is kicking off her summer season of shows with an hour long episode of Hot Topics on her June 3 2013 episode. From Kim Kardashian baby news to the crazy Amanda Bynes, she is covering the juiciest topics.

Wendy Williams Hour Long Hot Topics Show & Amanda Bynes Arrested

Wendy Williams June 3 2013 has an hour long episode of Hot Topics where she talks about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and Amanda Bynes hitting rock bottom.
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Amanda Bynes Hitting Rock Bottom

Amanda Bynes is losing her mind. She is becoming the new Lindsay Lohan. The once cute and innocent Nickelodeon star seems to hit rock bottom. From calling out other stars on Twitter by calling them ugly to being arrested for reckless endangerment while telling the officers she is going to sue them for harassment, Bynes has been straight shot to rock bottom.

Have you checked out her Twitter? She is really insane.

Real Housewives Drama

Every season of Real Housewives deserves it’s own hour of Hot Topics. There is so much drama on those shows that it is hard to pick out the possible topic Wendy Williams could be discussing. She will surely be discussing the turmoil in Teresa Giudice’s household as well as Melissa Gorga inadvertently teaching little kids to get on the pole.


One thing you can be certain Wendy Williams will be talking about is the physical confrontation that could be land a few of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and their husband’s in jail for hitting a man and threatening to kill him. Good thing the entire confrontation from caught on film.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors

Wendy Williams is also going to be talking over some Kim Kardashian pregnancy rumors. We all know she is going to be revealing the gender of her baby this Sunday, June 2 2013, on the newest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians but you know there have to be more rumors.


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