Wendy Williams: Gabourey Sidibe The Big C & Colin Quinn One Man Show


Wendy Williams: Gabourey Sidibe – Final Season of The Big C

Wendy Williams is inviting one her favorite guests on her June 21 2013 show. Academy Award nominee Gabourey Sidibe, best known for her role in Precious, is stopping by to talk about the final season of The Big C.

Wendy Williams: Gabourey Sidibe The Big C & Colin Quinn One Man Show

Wendy Williams June 21 2013 sits down with Gabourey Sidibe to talk about The Big C and Colin Quinn talks about his new one man show.
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The Showtime original series follows the life of teacher Cathy Jamison as she is diagnosed with melanoma and begin living her life the way she wants for the first time as an adult. She takes some drastic steps to try and keep the cancer from her family, which in the end turns out to be hurtful than the cancer could have been.

Sidibe plays the role of Andrea Jackson, a mouthy student in Jamison’s class who lies about her upbringing and is eventually forced to move in with Jamison after he parents head to Africa to do missionary work.

Wendy Williams and Sibide are sitting down to talk about what it was like working on the show and what she is looking to do in the future.


Gabourey Sidibe in the Hot Seat

Of course Wendy Williams is going to be putting Gabourey Sidibe in the Hot Seat. Make sure to tune in to see what kinds of questions she asks the young actress.

She does answer this question.

“Who would be your celebrity one night stand,” asked Wendy Williams. Of course she said Ryan Gosling.

Colin Quinn Unconstitutional Review

Wendy Williams is also inviting comedian Colin Quinn on the show to talk about his new one-man show, Colin Quinn Unconstitutional. The show has been getting such good reviews, that the engagement it had at the Barrow Street Theatre has been lengthened to include a lot more days.

Wendy Williams is going to find out why people love his new show and he might he give everyone a sneak peek of what happens during the show.

Wendy Williams: Guy Candy Date

Wendy Williams is closing out her show by sending one lucky fan on a date with some Guy Candy.


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