Wendy Williams: Christos Garkinos, Don Cheadle & Ask Wendy Updates


Wendy Williams May 6 2013

Wendy Williams has Don Cheadle and Christos Garkinos coming up on her May 6 2013 episode. Plus, what happened to audience members after they took advice during Ask Wendy? The hostess is getting updates from the past four seasons of the show.

Wendy Show: Don Cheadle

Wendy Williams: Christos Garkinos, Don Cheadle & Ask Wendy Updates

Fashion expert Christos Garkinos and Iron Man 4 star Don Cheadle are guests on the May 6 Wendy Williams Show. Plus, get updates on past Ask Wendy questions. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Iron Man 3 is Hollywood’s new hot ticket, and it marks the unofficial start of summer blockbuster movie season. Don Cheadle is reprising his role in this movie, and he will talk to Wendy Williams about what it was like on the set this time around.

Plus, did you know they made some changes to his character’s suit as part of the story in this new sequel? Cheadle is telling all to Wendy Williams on the May 6 episode. Iron Man 3 fans are not going to want to miss what he has to say about the franchise.

Is it too early to start asking if there will be an Iron Man 4?


Wendy Williams: Christos Garkinos

Christos Garkinos knows fashion. He is a co-owner of LA’s luxury boutique Decades, and that is one of the hottest spots for A-list fashion anywhere in the world. He has many years of experience in marketing and retail. Plus, he knows great looks when he sees them.

Some have called him the Robin Hood of fashion, and he is Wendy’s guest on Monday, May 6. Will he be giving fashion advice or helping Wendy dissect celebrities’ red carpet looks? You’ll have to tune in to find out what they’re focusing on in this episode.

Wendy Show: Ask Wendy Updates

Is there anything more frustrating than someone asking for advice and then not taking it? Wendy has been dishing out her opinions for four seasons of her TV show in the Ask Wendy segment. Now it’s time to find out how some of these stories turned out.

Viewers and audience members are sharing their stories about what happened next after they got advice from Wendy. Check it out on the May 6 Wendy Williams Show.


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