Wendy Williams: Andy Cohen Most Talkative & Daphne Oz “Relish” Review


Wendy Williams: Andy Cohen & Daphne Oz Spring Fever Month

On April 22 2013, Wendy Williams talks to authors and talk show hosts Andy Cohen and Daphne Oz. Cohen is the mastermind at Bravo and created the Real Housewives franchise. Daphne is a host on ABC’s The Chew and cooks up healthy meals on a daily basis. Also, Wendy is kicking off Spring Fever Month.

Wendy Williams: Andy Cohen Most Talkative 

Wendy Williams: Andy Cohen Most Talkative & Daphne Oz "Relish" Review

On April 22 2013, Wendy talks to health queen Daphne Oz and the most talkative Andy Cohen. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


While talk show hosts are hired to talk, this one has the label of most talkative. Andy Cohen knows more about pop culture than just about anyone. He’s written books on his experiences working for Bravo and producing shows like The Real Housewives and Project Runway. He’s had his hand in almost every morning talk show and hosts Watch What Happens: Live on Bravo in the evenings.

Cohen is currently the Executive Vice President of Development and Talent at Bravo. His book, Most Talkative, was recently released in paperback. He refuses to pick a favorite Real Housewives star, but with a little coaxing Wendy will get some juicy gossip out of him on this episode.

Wendy Williams: Daphne Oz Relish

The queen of healthy, gluten-free eating, Daphne Oz is talking to Wendy on April 22. Daphne is a co-host on ABC’s The Chew and author of New York Times bestseller The Dorm Room Diet. She graduated in 2008 from Princeton and has already made her mark in the health and food market.


Her new book Relish went on sale April 16. It’s about having adventures in your everyday life with the food and style choices you make. She has entertaining tips and food recipes. Daphne outlines her favorite style tips for a classy and modest look. Also in the book, she tells readers how to improve your career, relationships and live a joy-filled life.

Wendy Williams: Spring Fever Month

Since she’s kicking off Spring Fever Month, Wendy must be ready to skip right into May’s flowers to get away from April’s snow showers. All through the month Wendy will be putting a spring theme on her Hot Talks, Hot Topics and even hotter guests.


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