Wendy Williams: Alicia Keys Son Egypt Kissed Beyonce’s Blue Ivy Carter


Wendy Williams: Alicia Keys

For the first time, Alicia Keys is on Wendy Williams. She’s talking about what she loves to do with her husband, Swizz Beatz, and how many children she wants to have. She performed her song “Brand New Me.”

Wendy Williams: Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

The crowd loves Alicia Keys and so does her husband. She tells Wendy that he has thrown her some beautiful parties to celebrate her and their baby, Egypt. He threw he one party with an all-Egyptian theme and had to tell someone not to bring a camel.


Wendy Williams: Alicia Keys Son Egypt Kissed Beyonce's Blue Ivy Carter

On February 28, Wendy Williams talks to Alicia Keys about love and being a new mom. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Wendy Williams: Alicia Keys Fashion

Wendy loves fashion and new looks. Keys gave her so much style, wearing a form-fitting blue dress, a frosting of sparkling jewels on her neck and nude and black pumps.

She told Wendy that she has always wanted to cut off her hair, but never knew how. She wanted to keep her style intact but try something fresh. She was about to release her new album and a song called “New Day.” She told her stylist to bring over different short hair wigs so that she could see what it would look like without chopping her hair off. As soon as she saw the transformation she had them cut her hair off. She was worried that her hair wouldn’t grow back at first, but now she wants it all gone.


Wendy Williams: Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys

Keys met her husband when they were teens. It was just before they were going to blow up in the music world and they became close friends for a long time. They never thought it was going to become a romance. She said he was a little too flashy for her taste, but his mind was what won her over. She said he loves to live life.

Keys said she wants to wait at least two years to have more kids. She’s going on the Set the World On Fire tour on March 7, but she is starting to slow down thanks to her son.

Swizz Beatz brought Keys out of her shell. They now go out in New York and take their two-year-old son to basketball games. She said Egypt is a huge basketball fan.

Wendy Williams: Blue Ivy Carter & Egypt

Keys said that she often meets up with Jay-Z at the studio and they bring their kids to hang out. Blue Ivy Carter got her first kiss from Egypt and Jay-Z was not happy about it. Keys may have just been joking that he called Swizz Beatz and warned him to watch his son. However, I really wouldn’t be surprised seeing how protective Jay-Z and Beyoncé are with Blue Ivy.

Wendy Williams: Alicia Keys First Piano

Keys loves to get dressed up and play her piano. She said she only has one piano in her home, but it’s the first piano she ever owned. Her son loves the piano and is starting to play.


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