Wendy: Trump Fired Brande Roderick & Life With La Toya Jackson Series


Wendy Williams: Brande Roderik & La Toya Jackson Hot Talk

On April 23 2013, Wendy Williams brings her current bestie, La Toya Jackson, to the couch. They have a lot to catch up on. Then, the latest All-Star Celebrity Apprentice fired is Brande Roderick. It’s a very weird situation, so we’ll have to let her explain it. Also, Wendy Williams’ spring fever month continues. She’s giving away her hottest products and an even hotter trip to Jamaica.

Wendy Williams: Brande Roderick Celebrity Apprentice 

Wendy: Trump Fired Brande Roderick & Life With La Toya Jackson Series

On April 23 2013, La Toya Jackson settles down for her girl talk with Wendy Williams. Also, Brande Roderick explains what went wrong on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. (image credit: Jaguar PS, Shutterstock.com)


On the latest episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Brande Roderick was fired for not having the best travel brochure. The task was to create an interactive travel guide for South Africa Tourism. The contestants were judged on creativity, customer satisfaction and overall presentation.

It’s honestly still amazing that Gary Busey is still on this show. He mentioned in his presentation that there were murders in Sought Africa recently. Not something you want to hear when you are selling a vacation home.

Brande is going to dish on everything that has happened in her eight episodes. All the drama and stress is over for her, and Trump is even giving her charity $20,000.


Wendy Williams: La Toya Jackson

Wendy and La Toya are thick as thieves these days. Maybe it has something to do with suffering Omarosa’s wrath. Being targeted by the big bad wolf has brought these two women together. Surely the buddy system will destroy Omarosa the Evil One.

Other than All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Miss Jackson has been running a one-woman show on her reality series for the OWN Network, Life With La Toya. She’s the hottest commodity in the Jackson family right now. She’s opening up about her ex-husband’s abusive ways and Paris Jackson meeting up with her birth mother.

Wendy Williams’ Spring Fever: Win a Trip To Jamaica

Also on this episode, Wendy continues her Spring Fever Month. She’s preparing to give away trips to Jamaica. Over the next four weeks, Wendy is giving away one trip a week. You just have to “Like” her Facebook page and enter the “Word of the Day” correctly.



  1. veronica says

    Janet is not retiring showbiz.She is active in Aids charity n research.And Using her voice for helping hunger and disease.U can meet her at Canns festival go to janet on facebook.

  2. Gio says

    After 6number 1albums.3number 2pop albums and 3number movies janet can enjoy life.Shes a legend.She is still working but its humanity work.

  3. veronica says

    And DamitaJo album is Awesome..but truly Oamarosa should hav been fired before Latoya or Claudia.She is a joke n so is donald this season.

  4. Gio says

    I truly think janet will do either an album or movie soon.Do not forget shes been working nonstop for 37yrs.She just ended her tour which lasted 2yrs.No other artist has had as many number one movies that does music.

  5. Gio says

    Sorry to say but beyonce,taylor s,and justin b are truly fake and put an act in front of the lens for money.Their true colors are slowly being exposed.

  6. veronica says

    O and for Beyonce to say to vanity fair she grew up upper class black,her dad drove jag and mom had nail saloon seems so ignorant but the worse part when she said she isnt typical black poor or

  7. veronica says

    And when beyonce said she wasnt poor like the jackson family or her dad didnt use her to gain income like joe jackson was so ill of her.just for record jacksons r the first black family of music and open doors for others to crossover and

  8. veronica says

    joe jackson was strict and keep his kids off the streets.And he didnt make his kids show skin when performing.He made white america look black performers.The jacksons made it beautiful to be rich and black.and

  9. veronica says

    And beyonce must be blind her dad has d child showing their skin..stomach,tight skirts,boob tops since their first single aired.hello thats pimpin your kid.and Joe didnt do that.

  10. veronica says

    Beyonce sounds ignorant in the interview.And when janet starting showin skin she was already huge, in charge of herself and mid twenties.So stop being a Snob and fake Beyonce!

  11. veronica says

    And jacksons had to cross racial barriers.They made it by singn and dancin with clothes on.Janet had 12number ones b4she showed skin.D child showed skin their first single.

  12. veronica says

    And why does ellen giv money to those viewers who already hav a car or have a nice home?makes no sense.Give to those who rent who take the bus who really need help.

  13. veronica says

    And i am startin to like Latoya.The media bashes and hates on the Jacksons u start believin what u hear.I thnk the media doesnt giv them the credit they deserve.they made it when blacks were not mainstream.

  14. veronica says

    Janet needs to be credited for her work her records her millions she donated to colin fdation,negro college fund,hunger fdation,and now to aids research.She is an awesome persn.Stop hatin on her people and news media.report the good she does!

  15. veronica says

    And Dr Phil has good topics but sumtimes he is full of himself and views thngs as if his viewpoints are the only correct views.I thnk he needs to do soulsearchin n sum of his views.

  16. veronica says

    And hav u ever notice phil has to hav the last word makes it seem as tho the show is scripted.And apparently he has no license or doctrine..odd huh

  17. veronica says

    But i do love t.v. i just wish internet and media would report positive stories like work janet does 4aids or jolie oversees or anythng positive upliftin and makes u smile.

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