Wendy: Lynn Whitfield King’s Faith & Brad Paisley “Accidental Racist”


Wendy: Hot Talk & Lynn Whitfield

On April 10 2013, Wendy talks to actress Lynn Whitfield for the first time on her show. Nikki Boyer, John Fugelsang and Tami Roman join Wendy for some hot, hot talk.

Wendy: Lynn Whitfield King’s Faith 

Wendy: Lynn Whitfield King's Faith & Brad Paisley "Accidental Racist"

On April 10, Wendy talks about faith with Lynn Whitfield. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


For the first time on Wendy, Lynn Whitfield joins the couch for a discussion of faith.

In her new film, King’s Faith, Whitfield plays Vanessa. She is a mother struggling after the death of her son. Vanessa withdraws from life, friends and her faith. She and her husband Mike take in a troubled teen, Brendan. She begins to wonder what made her do this. Vanessa doesn’t have enough to give herself, let alone help Brendan.

In a story of faith, the characters struggle through life but look to God for second chances. King’s Faith comes to select theaters April 26.


Wendy: Hot Talk

Wendy loves hot talk. Everyone agrees to disagree and you get all the different sides of the situation. It’s not superficial or follow the crowd conversations. On April 10, Daytime in No Time’s Nikki Boyer, Viewpoint’s John Fugelsang and Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman join the panel. Wendy moderates a discussion and debate on the hottest topics on Twitter and Facebook.

I have a strong feeling that this Wednesday we’ll hear about Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s song “Accidental Racist.” Paisley said that the song is meant to fuel a discussion on race in music. Twitter has been picking the song apart and wondering how anyone could sing lyrics like:

“I’m just a white man
(If you don’t judge my do-rag)
Coming to you from the southland
(I won’t judge your red flag)
Trying to understand what it’s like not to be
I’m proud of where I’m from
(If you forget my gold chains)
But not everything we’ve done
(I’ll forget the iron chains)
It ain’t like you and me can rewrite history
(Can’t rewrite history, baby)
Oh, Dixieland
(The relationship between the Mason-Dixon needs some fixing’)
I hope you understand what this is all about
(Quite frankly, I’m a black Yankee, but I’ve been thinking about this lately)
I’m a son of the New South
(The past is the past, you feel me)
And I just want to make things right
(Let bygones be bygones)
Where all that’s left is southern pride
(RIP Robert E. Lee, but I’ve gotta thank Abraham Lincoln for freeing me, know what I mean)”

What do you think about “Accidental Racist?”


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