Wendy: Kathy Najimy The Big C Series Finale & Fabio Viviani’s Kitchen


Wendy Williams: Kathy Najimy The Big C & Fabio Viviani Fabio’s Italian Kitchen

On April 24 2013, Wendy Williams sits down with Kathy Najimy. She’s starring on the finale season of Showtime’s The Big CThen, Fabio Viviani teaches Wendy how to cook some of his favorite Italian dishes from Fabio’s Italian Kitchen. Also, Kate Coyne from People magazine tells secrets from the “World’s Most Beautiful” issue.

Wendy: Kathy Najimy The Big C Series Finale & Fabio Viviani's Kitchen

On April 24 2013, Kathy Najimy talks about The Big C’s final season on Showtime. Also, Fabio Viviani takes us inside his kitchen and new cookbook.


Kathy Najimy: The Big C

Kathy Najimy is a lot of things. Activist, actress, feminist and star of silver screen, Najimy’s life is a testament to the strength of women. She’s telling Wendy what her role on The Big C has meant for the final season. She’s co-starring alongside Laura Linney, Gabourey Sidibe and Issac Mizrahi.

While this is sure to be a big role for Kathy Najimy, her top role for me will always by Hocus Pocus. This Sanderson sister has upgraded her flying vacuum for Showtime.

Fabio’s Italian Kitchen By Fabio Viviani

Who wouldn’t want to visit Fabio Viviani’s kitchen? The rich smells of garlic and cheese. Peppers, onions and fresh tomatoes adding explosions of flavor to savory home cooked dishes. Our imaginations don’t have to go unsatisfied. We can now explore Viviani’s world with Fabio’s Italian Kitchen.


In Fabio’s new cookbook, we get to see the beautiful roasted veggies, how-to’s for home cooked pasta and recipes that Fabio grew up with. He’s revealing the secrets behind his grandma’s meat sauce and the recipes that he’s crafted in his own career. On April 24, Fabio is teaching Wendy and her audience a few tricks from his new cookbook.

People Magazine “World’s Most Beautiful” Issue

They’re the people that gift us with the hottest men in the world, and now they are putting out their “World’s Most Beautiful” issue. Guesses as to who will make the list include the classics, like Halle Berry, and the newcomers, like Amanda Seyfried. Kate Coyne will reveal the secrets and whether Wendy Williams made the cut.


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