Wendy: Cameron Mathison The Carpenter’s Miracle & Lindsay Lohan Jail


Wendy Williams: Cameron Mathison & Hot Topics

On March 27 2013, Wendy Williams gets hot topics and a hot soap star. Cameron Mathison stops by her couch to talk about his new gig as a TV movie star and whether he will be returning to All My Children when it debuts online this April.

Wendy Williams: Cameron Mathison The Carpenter’s Miracle

Wendy: Cameron Mathison The Carpenter's Miracle & Lindsay Lohan Jail

On March 27 2013, Wendy Williams drools over soap opera hunk Cameron Mathison. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com) 


In his new TV movie, The Carpenter’s Miracle, Cameron Mathison plays a small town carpenter who brings a young boy back to life with his touch. It’s premiering on GMC Easter weekend. It’s a tale of faith and romance. This makes Mathison’s second TV movie in a month. He also released The Surrogate on Lifetime last month. It is a thriller about a woman stalking a man and carrying his baby.

Wendy is pumping Mathison for any details she can on All My ChildrenThe soap opera is making it’s online premiere in April. Wendy hopes to see his hunky soap opera skills back on the show. Mathison said last month, during an interview for The Surrogatehe said he wanted to focus on other things and let All My Children develop it’s online presence.

Wendy Williams: Hot Topics

Wendy always has the best hot topics. She’s focusing on Lindsay Lohan’s latest train wreck. She’s gone back to court, again, and she’s going to jail, again. The girl just can’t learn. The great thing about Wendy covering this topic is that Wendy will be completely honest. She’s saying what we all think about Lohan.


Instead of bashing Lindsay, let’s focus on the happier times. I miss the good ole days of Parent Trap Lohan. The days when you would eat oreos with peanut butter because you wanted to be like Lindsay, not excessively partying to be like her. Or when we thought she was a twin and it was so cool. Imagine if Lindsay really was a twin. Do you think we’d have two train wrecks, or would they keep each other grounded?


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