The Voice: The Morgan Twins, Jess Kellner, Mark Andrew & New Strategy


The Voice Season Premiere

The thing that sets this reality show apart is the fact that it’s all about the talentAmerican Idol may produce talented people, but this is not based on looks or the way the performer carries their self on stage. It’s all about the voice.

The judges have their chairs turned away so they can’t see who is singing. They hit the buzzer during the song if they want that singer. If more than one judge turns, the singer has to choose.


People were invited from all of the country to audition for the judges. As you may already be aware, season four has Adam Levine and Blake Shelton returning. These guys are so fun and have won past seasons with their teams. Joining them we have Shakira and Usher. Already, these guys are holding their own. In a glimpse backstage, they said their strategy is to beat Adam. We’ll see how that works out for them.

The Voice Season 4: The Morgan Twins

The Voice: The Morgan Twins, Jess Kellner, Mark Andrew & New Strategy

The Morgan Twins got all four judges to turn and fight for the chance to be their coach. (Trae Patton/NBC)

I can’t express enough my love of these ladies. The Morgan Twins started performing at 13 in a ’60s girl group. They said they love Usher, hate to be apart from each other and are unstoppable together. Blake called them every man’s dream.


As they walked out on stage the judges were puzzled. They could hear the girls sky high heels clacking and they wondered what was going on. They performed “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys. Immediately, Blake and Usher turned their chairs around. It was clear that all the judges loved the twins. Next was Adam and finally Shakira. The first performers of the season got all four judges.

Adam said their sound was like DNA. They were in perfect pitch. The judges made pleas, but Usher told them to pick the judge that has the most faith in them. I was shocked when they chose Blake, but only because they talked about loving Usher. The first members of Team Blake left the stage hand in hand.

The Voice: Jess Kellner

A hairdresser from Austin, Texas, Jess Kellner said she wanted to win this one for her family. Her mother is a recovering alcoholic and her stepmother has become her biggest cheerleader. Jess sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis. Shakira and Usher battled it out for Jess, which made Adam laugh. In the end, Shakira ripped Adam a new one for ripping on the “newbies.” Usher was confident and Jess became the first member of Team Usher.

The Voice 4: Mark Andrew

A 27-year-old roofer from Minnesota, Mark Andrew began playing music in high school. He was a member of a band, but his drummer was killed by a drunk driver and his guitarist passed recently. Mark said he hasn’t coped yet, but he feels like his friends are his guardian angels. Mark loves that The Voice is only about the talent, that’s all that matters.

Mark sang “Knockin on Heaven’s Door.” Adam and Shakira battled it out for Mark’s voice. Adam said he loved how Mark doesn’t sound like anybody else and has excellent control. Shakira said she wanted to take all of her passion and transform Mark into a star. Mark said his wife wouldn’t forgive him if he didn’t choose Team Shakira.



  1. Luke Johnson says

    The one Carpenter guy – forget his full name. He sang with his guitar “s— and I know it”. He stole the cover from “Only1noah” on youtube. Check it out. This guy on the voice should have mentioned that he used Noah’s cover on it. That is stealing and he should be disqualified. Cheats!
    And what is this gal that was trained by MJ ? How does someone like that get on the show? I thought this was for people that had no paying job in the biz !! This gal worked for MJ an probably made so much money she is set for life already!!!

    thinking the show is rigged now. pretty sad.

  2. says

    The guy’s name is Christian Porter. He was impressive, but knowing the he took credit for another person’s work is really shady. Thanks for the tip on him!
    And Judith Hill was really talented. She said that she didn’t want to take advantage of MJ’s death by taking the record deal offers at the time. She comes from a musical family.
    You can check out more about them here:

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