The Voice Midas Whale “Folsom Prison Blues” & Abraham McDonald Beyoncé


The Voice: Midas Whale

Night two of The Voice premiere continued. My love for this duo knows no bounds. John and Ryan make up Midas Whale from Idaho. John asked Ryan if he wanted to be in a duo with him, to which Ryan responded “might as well” is a thick accent. Midas Whale stuck and really fits the folk pop duo. They have a different sound. John and Ryan use an accordion and guitar in their band. They hope be the first duo to win.

The Voice Midas Whale "Folsom Prison Blues" & Abraham McDonald Beyoncé

Midas Whale shocked the judges with their folk/pop sound. Abraham McDonald was a little too shaky on his vocals to make the next round. (Trae Patton/NBC)


Midas Whale performed “Folsom Prison Blues.” Their unique sound caused all four judges to turn for the band. Blake Shelton made his country plea, to which Ryan told him, “country hasn’t reached our state yet.”

Surprising the judges again, Midas Whale speaks perfect Spanish. This only made Shakira want them even more. Josh and Ryan ended up choosing Team Adam as their home for the competition. Adam Levine was thrilled to get his first duo ever.

The Voice Auditions: Abraham McDonald

Growing up, Abraham McDonald, 35, was a shy kid. His sister made him enter a karaoke competition at 13 and he came alive on stage. He fell in love with performing. Abraham’s sister entered him in another karaoke competition a few years ago, hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Abraham won the competition.


He sang “Best Thing I Never Had” by Beyoncé. He was very shaky on the song, but his face didn’t show it. Abraham grinned ear to ear, happy to be performing. None of the judges chose him for their team. Abraham didn’t cry, he thanked them and accepted the criticism. He said it was great advice and he would be back to try again.

“Not everyone is going to love what you do,” he said as he went to greet his family. They all agreed he would make it next time.


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