The Voice: Karina Iglesias Star Power & Garrett Gardner Audition #2


The Voice: Karina Iglesias

Music teacher Karina Iglesias has star power. There is no doubt about it. She’s the total package and will be a star singer. She is currently a music teacher and teaches top 40 hits to school age kids with a passion for music. She learned to sing from her grandmother. Her grandmother’s singing voice was taken from her in 2004 when she had a stroke. Karina said she just wants to make her grandmother proud and do something big. Karina not only has a rocking set of pipes, she has the punk rocker look perfected.

Karina sang “I’m The Only One.” It looked like no one was going to pick her, but Adam and Blake both chimed in at the last possible second. Shakira was not happy.


The Voice: Karina Iglesias Star Power & Garrett Gardner Audition #2

Karina Iglesias has star power. She went to Team Adam where I know she will do well.

“Oh no,” she said with her head on the button. “Why didn’t I push my button? I want to die.”

Adam said he thought the light fixtures would explode during Karina’s performance. Blake said her voice was like pushing the gas pedal. Her power was incredible. Karina was thrilled to join Team Adam.


The Voice: Garrett Gardner

Back for round two, Garrett Gardner came back for season four of The Voice to prove he could sing. He auditioned in season three and was not chosen by any of the judges. Blake gave him some constructive criticism that really stuck with him. When he first auditioned, Garrett wanted to prove to his father that he could do it. The second time around, Garrett knew he was proving it to himself.

Garrett sang “Seven Nation Army.” From the first few notes I could tell he was the perfect person for Team Shakira. His voice is raspy, but he’s gained control since last season. Shakira turned for him and Garrett went straight to her team. She said she was so mad when no one picked him last season, so it was perfect redemption. All of the judges acknowledged his growth and he thanked Blake for the help.

The Voice: J’Sun, Chelsea M, Duncan Kamakana

Three other singers won places on teams on day three of auditions for season four. If we sat around and watched every single audition we’d be watching The Voice for a week. Which I have no problem with, because Adam Levine is gorgeous.

Team Shakira snagged J’Sun. Chelsea M went to Team Usher. Team Adam claimed Duncan Kamakana.


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