The Voice Judith Hill Team Adam, Kris Thomas Team Shakira, James Irwin


The Voice: Kris Thomas

A pastor’s son from Memphis, Tennessee, Kris Thomas had to sneak his R&B as a teen. He signed a record deal at a young age, but lost it due to creative differences with his label. He went into a deep depression and became an alcoholic. He his rock bottom when he almost crashed his car through a family’s home. He realized what he almost lost from driving drunk. He thinks of The Voice as his second chance.

Kris sang “Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston. At this point, Adam Levine still doesn’t have a team. I’m shocked that he didn’t snap up Kris! Ultimately, Shakira hit the buzzer and discovered that this was a man singing a Whitney song to perfection. She kept her poker face on and won Kris to her team uncontested. I’m fairly confident that Adam Levine won’t make a team if he passed up on Kris. Kris’ performance was something the judges had never seen before. Team Shakira gained her second member.


The Voice Season 4: James Irwin

The Voice Judith Hill Team Adam, Kris Thomas Team Shakira, James Irwin

Adam, Blake, Shakira and Usher fought tooth and nail for Judith Hill to be on their team. She sang a Christina Aguilera song. (Trae Patton/NBC)

The last year was hard for 30-year-old Kris Thomas. He and his wife lost twin baby girls at five months, but they learned strength. They had a baby boy a year ago and James dedicated his performance to his family and daughters in heaven.

James performed “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script. It’s a good song, but doesn’t have a very powerful range. It just didn’t show off his voice. None of the judges turned, but they encouraged him to come back again. They had no doubt that he has talent and he deserves another chance with a more powerful song.


#VoicePremiere: Judith Hill

The final performer of the night was Judith Hill. It’s almost unfair that she’s in the competition because she has had a lot of success already. However, her story, morals and values convinced me that she needs to be in this competition.

Judith was called to be her hero Michael Jackson’s duet partner on his final tour. They had rehearsed and practiced for weeks. She was on her way to rehearsal when she got the call that he had passed away. She was asked to performed at his funeral and her phone blew up with offers for record deals. She could have taken the easy way out and taken any offer. Judith decided it was poor taste to take advantage of success from Jackson’s death.

The Voice: Judith Hill Christina Aguilera Song

She sang former The Voice judge Christina Aguilera’s “What A Girl Wants.” Judith’s first note had Adam and Usher pounding the buzzer. By the time she finished the song, all four judges were on their feet, turned around for her. Adam was even on top of his chair. Judith is a winner, it’s already certain.

Adam said she was the first person to sing a Christina song on the show and do it as well as Christina. To convince her to join his team, Adam said he would light himself on fire and claw off faces for her. Usher offered her the world. Shakira offered girl power and stardom. Blake said he felt her star power and wanted to be the one to open doors for her.

In the end, this singer went to Team Adam. I’m not surprised and I personally think it’s where she belongs. Adam will learn a thing of two from Judith.


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