The Voice: Josiah Hawley “Sunday Morning” & Tawnya Reynolds Country


The Voice: Tawnya Reynolds

Country to the core. That’s how Tawnya Reynolds, 32, introduced herself to the world on night two of The Voice season premiere. Tawnya said she moved to Nashville to make her country dreams come true, but has been performing in hotels and bars for a few years now. She hasn’t been able to captured a record company’s attention. Tawnya said her parents and husband, whom she met in Nashville, have been her biggest support.

Tawnya sang “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” She definitely has an amazing Southern voice that stands out in the competition. Adam Levine was the first judge to turn around, followed closely by Shakira. Usher turned to Blake Shelton and made a deal.


The Voice: Josiah Hawley "Sunday Morning" & Tawnya Reynolds Country

Josiah Hawley, 27, made a bold choice choosing Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning.” (Trae Patton/NBC)

“I mentor one of yours, you mentor one of mine?” he said, meaning the country artist and R&B genre. They agreed and Usher buzzed in for Tawnya.

Shakira pulled out all the stops, including an “English To Country Dictionary.” Usher mentioned his deal with Blake, but Adam laughed.


“I’m in Blake’s will,” Adam said to convince the country artist to come to his team.

In the end, Tawnya became a member of Team Shakira, joining Mark Andrew and Kris Thomas.

The Voice Season 4: Josiah Hawley

At 27, Josiah Hawley is ready to make a career change. He started out performing music in church youth band, where he met his wife. He became a model while in college to pay bills and they began traveling non-stop. He said it was a big decision to pick everything up and come to The Voice but it was time.

Josiah sang “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. His voice was amazing and also stands out for me in this competition. Blake and Usher both turned for him and Adam turned towards the end of the song. He said it was an honor to have someone come and perform his song. He did hear some moments of quality issues, but liked the bold move.

Blake said that he didn’t hear anything wrong with Josiah’s voice. In fact, he tried to do his hair in a pompadour just like Josiah to win some brownie points. The effect was hilarious.

I’m a little shocked that Josiah chose to go to Team Usher. I felt that Blake and Adam fought harder for the singer to be on their team.


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