The Voice: Danielle Bradbery, Vedo & Janetza Miranda Season 4 Premiere


The Voice: Janetza Miranda

Janetza Miranda came out full of confidence that a chair would turn for her. She was an energetic, happy girl from a boisterous Puerto Rican family. She said her heritage is very important to her. Janetza is 25 from Newark, New Jersey, and she plays in a Spanish band. She and her family were breaking out the cha-cha in the green room. She said she hopes to follow in Shakira’s foot steps. Her family stood backstage and cheered her on with their signature bird calls.

Janetza sang “Titanium” but David Guetta. It was good, but a key too high for the singer. She became the first person of the season to not get a judge to turn for her. Shakira almost did, but she said that Janetza needed to try a little less. They all agreed that she was forcing it too much. Usher said it really isn’t the end for her and they all hoped to see her back again. Adam got up and hugged the visibly shaken Janetza. The nice thing was that her family still cheered like she had won and said she would be back stronger than ever.


The Voice Auditions: Danielle Bradbery

The Voice: Danielle Bradbery, Vedo & Janetza Miranda Season 4 Premiere

At this point, Adam is the only judge without a team. Blake has two singers, including Danielle Bradbery. Usher also has two and Shakira has one. (Trae Patton/NBC)

This little country sweetheart is only 16 and has never performed in front of more than her family before The Voice. Danielle Bradbery hails from Cyprus, Texas. She said she was teased as a kid for having crooked teeth. She sang in her room to cheer herself up.

Danielle sang “Mean” by Taylor Swift. Usher, Blake and Adam turned for her. As soon as Adam turned, Blake stood up and shouted, “Dude, what are you doing? Turn back around.”


The judges loved Danielle’s pitch and her confidence. Shakira said she regretted not turning around. Usher tried to pull the “I discovered Justin Bieber” card. He lost this country gal when he called Nashville a state. In fact, that’s probably the highlight of the show so far. The flack Usher got will haunt him for a year.

While the men fought hard for Danielle and her voice, Team Blake is where she chose to call home this season. She’ll do very well there.

The Voice Season 4: Vedo Audition

It’s hard to pick favorites, because I’ve loved ever voice so far. If I had to, Vedo would be up there. This 19-year-old is not only a fantastic performer, he has a heart of gold. His family was homeless for two to three years, but his mom was his rock. He said she always told him to have faith that things would be OK.

Recently his older brother called him and told him his mother has stage four lung cancer. He flew home to be with her and almost turned down The Voice. She insisted that he come to the show. She told him, “This is your dream. Go for it.”

“She’s my heart,” he said. “My queen. My everything.”

His mom was given two months to live. She made it to stand backstage with their family while Vedo performed “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. While some contestants would use tears to sway votes, I just know that Vedo doesn’t want that to weigh on the decisions at all. He’s just a boy that doesn’t want to lose his mom.

Vedo gave his all and made the song his own. The judges gave Vedo to Team Usher because they knew that he is what Vedo’s voice needs.


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