The Voice: Brandon Roush Team Shakira & Rude Girl Aubrey Karrasch


The Voice: Aubrey Karrasch

Audrey Karrash is really your average singer. She started singing at a young age, she sings well and she auditioned for The VoiceSomething about Aubrey is just not appealing to me. She said she wanted to leave the superficial world of modeling to be appreciated for her talent, but she didn’t give the judges time to assess her.

Aubrey sang “Price Tag” and it was a good performance. Blake Shelton turned for her first, followed by Usher. Blake said he was really excited about her and Usher didn’t especially critique her. In terms of which coach wanted her more, I would have to say Blake really wanted her and Usher could have gone either way. Aubrey didn’t even listen to Usher, she just picked him as her mentor.


The Voice: Brandon Roush Team Shakira & Rude Girl Aubrey Karrasch

Brandon Roush, 19, works with autistic kids and sings in a band. Team Shakira is going to benefit from his raspy voice.

I can understand liking a coach and wanting to work on Team Usher. However, Aubrey was also rude to Adam Levine. When the lead singer of Maroon 5 is waiting to give you his impression of your singing, good or bad, you respect him. Maybe Aubrey was in the moment, but something about her doesn’t sit well with me.

The Voice: Brandon Roush

To make up for my weird feelings about rude girl Aubrey, enter Brandon Roush. He’s a singer in a band in Kentucky and he works with autistic kids. Brandon said he wants to teach the kids they aren’t outcasts. He said they see him as a rockstar and he gets a lot of joy from his job.


I’m just going to call it, he’s my new crush on The Voice. His voice isn’t what you would expect. Brandon is a tallish white guy with long hair like Shakira. His voice is raspy and great, so I was really pulling for Shakira to buzz him in. It was a huge advantage for the judges not to see him, Brandon said.

My homegirl Shakira didn’t let me down. She was the only judge that buzzed in for Brandon, but one is all you need. Brandon sang “With A Little Help From My Friends” and I’m in love. His voice and his story had both me and Shakira applauding by the end.



  1. Kc says

    She wasn’t being rude to Adam at all… She was laughed immediately after saying it. It was a joke because he didn’t turn around. It is called having a sense of humor- which I am trying to decide if you have or not. I mean you didn’t get the joke yet your bio states you watch the Kardashians… Not sure if that is sad or your way of being ironically funny. Stick to the dips on E! and don’t worry about recapping something you don’t understand.

  2. leamardeg says

    Hillary, I’m on your side. I was shocked at Aubrey. Adam didn’t finish what he was saying so i’m sure he was shocked too. forward. outspoken. diva attitude. joke or no joke. appropriate words behavior a first audition? i instantly didn’t like her. i like adam. i felt bad for him to have to bear the insult. again, joke or not.

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