The View: Woody Harrelson Now You See Me Preview & Jane Lynch Annie


The View: May 31 2013

On The View May 31 2013, the ladies discussed Brad Pitt’s social life, Woody Harrelson spoke on his new role in the upcoming movie Now You See Me and did some crazy magic tricks, and Jane Lynch previewed her performance on the Broadway showing of the classic production, Annie.

The View: Brad Pitt’s Friends & Class Mothers In Schools

The View: Woody Harrelson Now You See Me Preview & Jane Lynch Annie

Woody Harrelson talked about his hypnotist role in Now You See Me and showed us a trick he’d learned. (Featureflash /


Brad Pitt was recently on the cover of Esquire magazine, and mentioned in an interview that he has only a small circle of friends that he socializes with because it makes things simpler. There was also a discussion of New York mothers that are being scolded by the school districts because they don’t go to their children’s school events, instead sending the nanny. What effect could this have on their children?

The View: Brad Pitt’s Small Circle Of Friends & Mothers In New York Schools

The View: Woody Harrelson In Now You See Me

Woody Harrelson’s role in the upcoming movie Now You See Me is that of a hypnotist shyster in a clan of thieving illusionists. He gave us a sneak peak of what to expect, but the most exciting part of his visit was where he put the skills he learned while getting into character for his role in Now You See Me. On national television, Woody Harrelson guessed Sherri’s PIN number with absolutely no hints given to him. Even I didn’t believe it was real until they bleeped out the last number in the sequence.


The View: Woody Harrelson Guesses Sherri’s PIN Number On National TV

The View: Jane Lynch As Miss Hannigan In Annie On Broadway

Jane Lynch came into the show to discuss the differences between performing and rehearsing for her role on Glee and her role as Miss Hannigan in Annie. Acting on stage is, according to Jane, very different than acting on a television set. She also previewed her upcoming game show, Hollywood Game Night.

The View: Jane Lynch Annie Preview, Glee Review & Hollywood Game Night


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