The View: Laura Dern, Zero Dark Thirty Jason Clarke & Too Faced Review


The View March 20 2013

The View on March 20 2013 featured an encore presentation with Guy Day guest host Gilles Marini. The guest list included Laura Dern and Jason Clarke, as well as some of the year’s hottest beauty products so far, including Too Faced lashes.

The View: How To Have A Successful Marriage

The View: Laura Dern, Zero Dark Thirty Jason Clarke & Too Faced Review

The View March 20 2013 included chats with Enlightened’s Laura Dern, Zero Dark Thirty star Jason Clarke, and beauty products like Too Faced Lashes. (DFree /


What do you think is the secret to making your love last? The co-hosts discussed a list of rules for keeping your marriage together over time. See if you agree with this advice.

The View: Gilles Marini Guy Day Friday & 10 Unspoken Rules of Marriage

The View: iPhone Code of Conduct

How should parents be monitoring their children’s electronic activities? As we have seen recently in the news, social media and texting can provide kids with new ways to get in trouble. Find out how one mom responded to this concern.


The View: Switched At Birth & Mother’s iPhone Code of Conduct for Son

The View: Laura Dern Enlightened Season 2

From the HBO series Enlightened, Laura Dern was a guest on The View to talk about what she has learned from her character and what about her onscreen alter ego she wants to avoid in her personal life.

The View: Laura Dern Role Enlightened Review & Jurassic Park 3D in Theaters

The View: Zero Dark Thirty’s Jason Clarke

Everyone has been talking this year about Zero Dark Thirty, and one of its stars, Jason Clarke, was on The View to talk about which movies he’ll be working on next, including this year’s upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby.

The View: Actor Jason Clarke Zero Dark Thirty Controversy & The Great Gatsby

The View: Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Review

The co-hosts looked at some of the year’s most creative and innovative beauty solutions, from the Too Faced Lashes to Insta-Gel Strips to give yourself a manicure and much more. Check out these exciting products for yourself.

The View 2013 Beauty Products: John Frieda Hair Dryer Brush Review


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