The View: Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty & Facebook Siblings Reunion


The View March 22 2013

The View March 22 featured ABC News anchor David Muir as a guest co-host, as well as a conversation with actress and businesswoman Drew Barrymore about Flower Beauty cosmetics, and the story of how Facebook reunited long-lost siblings after decades apart. Here are the segments from this show.

The View: Moving On From High School

The View: Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty & Facebook Siblings Reunion

On The View March 22 2013, Drew Barrymore shared her Flower Beauty line of cosmetics and the co-hosts learned the story of siblings reunited by Facebook. (Helga Esteb /


It was not that long ago that students who had bad experiences in high school could move away and get a fresh start in college. But with the advent of social media, it is becoming harder to escape your past or reinvent yourself. Find out what the co-hosts had to say about this and other hot topics from the headlines.

The View: ABC News’ David Muir Guest Host & Moving On From High School

The View: Sherri Shepherd In Newsies

The Disney musical Newsies on Broadway featured a familiar face as a guest star this winter. The View co-host Sherri Shepherd took The View behind the scenes of her cameo in the production, which seemed to really take her breath away. Find out what she learned during her experience backstage.


The View: Sherri Shepherd Guest Stars In Newsies The Musical

The View: Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty Review

Drew Barrymore has a new line of Flower Beauty cosmetics that are on sale across the country in Walmart stores. Plus, she talked about her relationship with her husband, and their plans to raise their baby Olive in the Jewish faith. What does she think should be done to protect the children of famous people?

The View: Drew Barrymore Religion & Flower Beauty Review At Walmart

The View: Facebook Siblings Reunion

After more than six decades apart from one another, Betty Billadeau and Clifford Boyson, a brother and sister, finally had the chance to reconnect and catch up on their lives. Find out how Facebook was instrumental in bringing these two family members back together after many years apart.

The View: Brother & Sister Reunited 65 Years Later Thanks To Facebook


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