The View: Sulley Monsters Inc Mask Review & My Image Bracelet Maker


The View: Best of the Toy Fair

Over 1,000 toy exhibitors showed off their latest gadgets and games at the International Toy Fair. To share some highlights, toy expert Elizabeth Werner brought some of the year’s best choices, including the My Image bracelet maker and a Sulley Monsters Inc mask.

The View: Imagine I Can Review

The View: Sulley Monsters Inc Mask Review & My Image Bracelet Maker

The View showed off 2013 Toy Fair highlights, such as the My Image bracelet maker, the Sulley Monsters Inc mask, Pulsar Powerballs review and more. (ABC/Donna Svennevik)


Classic toys are popular once again, Werner said. Here is what she showed off on The View.

  • Imagine I Can
  • $5-20

These toy kits include games, imaginations, and role playing. Kids can learn easy, portable crafts.

The View: Haba Puppet Theater Review

  • Haba Puppet Theater and Toy Shop
  • $129.99

This puppet theater converts into a storefront, giving kids options for imaginative and creative play.


The View: Pulsar Powerballs Review

  • Curiosity Kits Pulsar Powerballs
  • $14.99

Kids can create their own bouncy balls with this toy. You can choose your own colors using the included mold, and even learn a little about science along the way. The balls include a light that glows in the dark.

The View: My Image Bracelet Maker Review

Create personalized photo bracelets to make them your own or create homemade gifts. You can print images out and cut them using the toy machine.

The View: Triple Eight Wipeout Helmet Review

  • Triple Eight Wipeout Dry Erase Helmet
  • $29.99

Create your own helmet to play safe on a bicycle. You can erase what you drew and start over, which could get kids wearing helmets and having fun with them.

The View: Razor Trikke E2 Review

These new scooters are electric and move in a skiing motion that everyone seemed to enjoy.

The View: Sulley Monsters Inc Mask Review

  • Sulley Monsters Inc Mask
  • $24.99

In time for the upcoming Monsters University movie, you can get the Sulley mask from Spinmaster. The mask was designed by a puppeteer, and the mask animates the eyebrows and the chin as you talk while you wear it.

What do you think is the best new toy of the year so far?



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