The View: Shark Tank Cozy Bug, Drop Stop & Lollacup Reviews


The View: Shark Tank Products

Mark Cuban was The View’s guest co-host for Guy Day Friday, and he brought along some friends from the reality series Shark Tank, Lori Grenier and Daymond John. They each showcased some of the inventors and products they have recently invested in. Check out Cozy Bug, Drop Stop, and Lollacup reviews.

The View: Lollacup Reviews


The View: Shark Tank Cozy Bug, Drop Stop & Lollacup Reviews

The View & Shark Tank investors showcased products like Cozy Bug dresses, the Drop Stop car wedge, and Lollacup reviews with the inventors who created them. (ABC / Lou Rocco)

Mark showed off the Lollacup, a BPA-free cup with handles and a weighted straw, to help kids get every drop out of their cups without spilling. I think the packaging looks appealing as well.

The inventors, Hannah and Mark Lim, just had their third baby a few days before appearing on The View. Hannah explained that they developed the product after having trouble getting their kids to drink out of sippy cups once they were weaned from bottles.


Mark said that Sharks Mark and Robert invested $100,000 in the company for a 40% stake. Whoopi said that adults could use these cups too, which sounds exactly like something she would do.

The View: Drop Stop Review

Shark Tank’s Lori Grenier said that she always knows instantly whether she will want to invest in a product that is presented on the show. She said that driving a car is relatable to many people. But what do you do if you drop your cell phone or something else beside the seat, and you can’t reach it while you are in motion?

The Drop Stop fills in the space between the seat belt and the gearshift console. Los Angeles-based inventor Mark Newburger explained that he came up with the idea after a close call when his cell phone slipped between his seat and he jerked the steering wheel.

Co-creator Jeff Simon said that they used the book Inventing For Dummies to help them get started developing the problem.

The View: Cozy Bug Review

Fashion guru Daymond John got involved with Cozy Bug, a versatile clothing line for kids. It can be a dress or a shirt, and you can transition it just by adjusting the ribbon shoulder straps.

The designer, Aly Lessor, came up with the idea because she wanted to make kids’ clothes last longer. The secrets include high quality fabric and a versatile design. Daymond invested $50,000 in Aly for 30% of her company.


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