The View: Rustic Cuff Review, Nogii Bars Review, & Kindle Fire HD


The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Favorite Things

Today was Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s birthday, and in honor of that, she wanted to show us some of her favorite things.

RWB Apparel Review

The View: Rustic Cuff Review, Nogii Bars Review, & Kindle Fire HD

Rustic Cuffs are the perfect gift for those looking to be sentimental.


Team Red, White, and Blue (Team RWB) is a non-profit organization, which Elisabeth is on the advisory board for, that enriches the lives of veterans by connecting them with their communities through physical activity.

You can both purchase RWB apparel and donate to the cause at

Lil Light O’Mine Scripture Cards Review

The Lil Light O’Mine Scripture Cards that cover all the letters of the alphabet. They can be displayed on your refrigerator or just about anywhere else in your house, and show your children a different scripture with each letter. You can even write names and phrases with the cards to perhaps dedicate a scripture or tow to one of your own children.


You can get your Lil Light O’Mine Scripture Cards at

NoGii Bars Review

A creation of Elisabeth’s, NoGii Bars are quick grab-it-and-go snacks that pack a ton of protein and other nutrients and are also gluten free. These bars are for anyone – children or adults.

You can get NoGii Bars at just about any store.

The Marriage App Review

The Marriage App is a book by marriage counselors Dr. Paul Friesen and Dr. Virginia Friesen that is a great tool for any married couple.

You can get your copy of The Marriage App at

Kindle Fire HD Review

The Kindle Fire HD is the perfect family tool. With it, you have access to over 20 million TV shows, songs, magazines, books, and apps. It has a front-facing camera for photos and Skyping, and Kindle Free Time allows parents to monitor and control what their children can access on the device. They can even provide differently aged children different levels of access by providing them different log-ins and passwords.

Rustic Cuff Review

Rustic Cuffs were created by mother Jill Donovan and come in snake skins, leathers, metals, and you can even put a different names and imprints on them. When you’re thinking of someone and want to be sentimental, these make a great gift.

C. Wonder Review

C. Wonder gifts are the creation of designer Christopher Burch. You can do anything from spicing up your kitchen table to getting someone a gift.

ASUS Windows 8 VivoBook Review

The ASUS Windows 8 VivoBook is the perfect way to stay connected with just about anyone. They are lightweight, slim, and the active live tiles make it easy to navigate your texts, social media, and Skype chats so that you never miss out on anything. The cherry on top? The laptop features a touch screen.

The View: TobyMac Performs Me Without You

TobyMac performed the hit-single “Me Without You” off his new Eye On It.



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