The View: Reliable Sensor Velocity Iron & Moen Motionsense Reviews


The View: Dr Gadget Product Reviews

Guest co-host Terry Crews and Sherri Shepherd had some product reviews from Dr Gadget for products you can use around the house. Check out these products, such as the new Bissell SpotClean and the new Moen Motionsense reviews of technology for your sink.

The View: Reliable Sensor Velocity Iron Review

The View: Reliable Sensor Velocity Iron & Moen Motionsense Reviews

Dr Gadget on The View showcased new innovations in home gadgetry, such as the Reliable Sensor Velocity Iron, Bissell SpotClean, and Moen Motionsense reviews.


What makes the Reliable Sensor Velocity Iron better than others? It stops heating or steaming when you let go of the handle. It also uses two-heater technology that allows it to be used as a vertical clothing steamer.

The View: Bissell SpotClean Review

You can clear up stains on your couch or rug using the Bissell SpotClean, according to Dr Gadget. He said that you combine the cleaning ingredients in a reservoir and clean up a mess by treating a carpet stain and instantly making it disappear.

Dr Gadget said this is a new product using heat wave technology to keep the water warm as you clean.


The View: Moen Motionsense Reviews

The Moen Motionsense faucet uses a wave sensor to allow you to turn the water on and off just by waving a hand over the faucet. There is also a ready sensor under the faucet that knows when you put a cup under the sink.

You can also preset the water temperature to keep your kids from burning themselves when washing their hands. I have to say that this seems like some clever technology.

The View: Kobo Mini & Ab Circle Pro Reviews

Dr Gadget had a few more fun surprises for The View audience. They included:

Which of these gadgets do you need the most at your house?


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