The View: Ralph Lauren Maxi Dress Review & Michael Kors Poncho Top


Martine Reardon: Macy’s Great American Icon Event & Summer Trends

Martine Reardon, the Chief Marketing Officer for Macy’s, came on The View May 15 2013 to show us some summer fashion and talk about their “Great American Icon” event.

Macy’s is all about the red, white and blue this summer. They went across America to many iconic American landmarks like the Hollywood Hills, Mount Rushmore and the Apollo Theater to put on display some of America’s greatest destinations to journey to.


The View: Ralph Lauren Maxi Dress Review & Michael Kors Poncho Top

Martine Reardon of Macy’s came in to show us some of their summer fashion lineup. (image credit: Northfoto /

Ralph Lauren Maxi Dress – Denim & Supply Collection

The fashion showcase started out with an American fashion mainstay: Ralph Lauren and their Denim & Supply collection. For the women, there was a Denim & Supply blue maxi dress paired with fiery red wedge heels accentuated by buckles and shiny gold threading. An orange handbag that could be worn on the arm or the shoulder rounded out the outfit.

For the men, there was more from Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply. He wore a white denim jacket with a red, white and blue eagle emblazoned on the back, coupled with patchwork camouflage cargo shorts.


Calvin Klein Pink Clutch

Calvin Klein also had a maxi dress to show off. Theirs was a little brighter with colorful, bold graphic prints running all around the dress in cross sections. Once again, there was a wedge heel. A bright pink clutch that could be worn like a handbag or carried like a clutch filled out the accessories for this outfit.

Kensie Cigarette Pants

The outfit from Kensie was far different from the maxi dresses. Kensie had a dotted print blue top paired with a cigarette paisley pant. This outfit still featured a wedge shoe, but this one had a cork bottom to make it a little more comfortable. It was all about bringing out the color and mixing together patterns.

Michael Kors Poncho Top

The MICHAEL by Michael Kors had what is called a “poncho top,” a light and airy top in a pink print with an applique down the center to simulate jewelry. The bottom was a white denim jean paired, once again, with another wedge heel.

Levi Denim Shorts & Keds Plaid Top

Levi, the great American denim jean, really brought the “all-American” vibe to the center with their denim shorts, Keds shoes and Keds woven plaid top.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Plaid Shorts

The last fashions were from Tommy Hilfiger and provided fashions for him and her. For her, there was a blue bandanna skirt, red lace top and rugged brown boot to give the outfit a spunkier vibe. The earrings were a mixture of silver and gold colored metals.

For him, there was a blue, nautical-themed woven shirt with a plaid short. Complemented by a light blue suede Calvin Klein shoe, this versatile outfit could be worn to dress up or down.

Macy’s “Got Your 6” Pin

Martine was wearing a gold pin the shape of a 6 with a star in the middle of it. This pin was made to pay homage to the men and women that have served America over the years and is being sold for $6 at Macy’s right now. Those who buy the pin get a 20 percent discount at Macy’s, and all of the proceeds will be sent back to take care of veterans.


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