The View: Melania Trump Caviar Complexe C6 Review & Skin Care Advice


The View: Melania Trump

Melania Trump, the latest wife of Donald Trump, is a model turned businesswoman who visited The View to talk about her skin care line. The couple married in 2003, after a long courtship. It sounds like they are happy with one another.

The View: Melania Trump & Donald Trump

The View: Melania Trump Caviar Complexe C6 Review & Skin Care Advice

Melania Trump, wife of Donald, was a guest on The View to discuss her Melania Caviar Complexe C6 beauty product and her advice for taking care of your skin. (Debby Wong /


“We both work hard and we play hard,” she said. Something doesn’t add up, because Barbara Walters claimed they have been married 12 years, Melania insisted it was eight years, and if they were married in 2003, then they are somewhere in the ballpark of 10 years.

They have a seven-year-old son, Barron, and Walters said that she is very fond of Trump, despite his controversial opinions and big personality.

The View: Melania Caviar Complexe C6 Review

Melania said that she thinks having different points of view is great in a marriage. She said they understand one another, and she supports her husband. She agreed with Barbara that he is never boring.


Melania Trump’s new skin care line is called Melania Caviar Complexe C6. She said that she spent a decade working with a team and a chemist to develop the product, with anti-aging products that people could use as alternatives to surgery or Botox.

The product does not seem to be available for sale yet, but is expected on the market sometime in 2013.

Her pronunciation of Botox sounded like “buttocks,” and Walters quipped that she gets along with her husband so well because “he doesn’t understand you.”

The View: Melania Trump Skin Care

Her beauty advice was to never go to sleep without washing your face. Be sure to remove makeup, moisturize, and exfoliate before you head to bed.

“What you put in your body, it shows also on your skin,” Melania advised.

Whoopi Goldberg agreed, saying that you can see alcohol, for example, on a person’s skin. Melania said her product is for men and women, and also works for different complexions and races.



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