The View Frozen Food Reviews: Veggie Mama Garden Pops & Tandoor Chef


The View: Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert

When you head to the grocery store, do you stick to fresh foods, or do you mix in canned and frozen choices as well? Phil Lempert, a consumer expert, was on The View to share frozen food reviews that could surprise you and change the way you compose your shopping list.

The View: Frozen Food Month

March is Frozen Food Month, and your local store may be offering great discounts on some frozen items. March 6 is Frozen Food Day, according to Lempert.


For the Year of the Viewer, audience member Alexis got to join Whoopi and Sherri to taste some of the frozen creations.

The View: Frozen Food Nutrients

The View Frozen Food Reviews: Veggie Mama Garden Pops & Tandoor Chef

The View’s frozen food reviews in honor of Frozen Food Month included Veggie Mama Garden Pops using vegetables in popsicles and Tandoor Chef spicy dinners.


Lempert said that frozen foods are on the rise, due to the convenience. He added that 44% of meals in these modern times are eaten by yourself. Foods are now often quick frozen, preserving the most nutrients possible.

The View: Frozen Foods Convenience

“Fruits and vegetables are actually picked at the peak of freshness and then flash frozen,” he said. That means frozen is a great way to get produce that might be out of season.

Fresh packages of fish might say “previously frozen,” so check the label and you could save big by buying frozen.

The View Frozen Food Reviews: Marie Callender’s Country Roll Review

If you are worried about sodium, you might like to know that manufacturers such as Conagra are committed to reducing sodium content in foods by as much as 20%. The Marie Callender’s Country Roll has a fried egg and has a flaky crust, as well as an easy cook container you can stick in the microwave.

The View: Tandoor Chef Tandoori Chicken Samosa Review

Food trucks are a hot new culinary trend, and Lempert had the ladies try the Tandoor Chef Tandoori Chicken Samosa. This product has a bit of spice for a splash of flavor.

The View Frozen Food Reviews: Healthy Choice Top Chef Cafe Steamers Review

Healthy Choice Top Chef Cafe Steamers use red wine instead of sodium. The food also naturally sweetens with apples instead of sugar.

The View: Garden Lites Butternut Squash Souffle Review

Garden Lites has combined butternut squash and egg whites for just 180 calories per serving. You can cook these frozen foods in the microwave.

The View Frozen Food Reviews: Veggie Mama Garden Pops Review

Veggie Mama Garden Pops come in natural flavors such as sweet potato. The vegetable and coconut cream has just 80 calories. Whoopi refused to try it, but Sherri and Alexis enjoyed their sample.

The View: Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza Review

Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza had no sauce, which Sherri did not like. The spinach and mushroom pizza did not work for the team, because of its lack of sauce. But it is topped with healthy ingredients, as Whoopi pointed out while Sherri glared.

Will you be eating any more frozen foods than usual to celebrate Frozen Foods Month?


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