The View & Dr Gadget: Gtech AirRam Review, Olympus Tough & SteamMop


The View: Dr Gadget Spring Tools

Dr. Gadget came by the show to show off what’s big this spring in the realm of technology – from digital irrigation systems to 2-in-1 steam mops, there is probably something on here worth checking out.

The View: Gtech AirRam Review

Bringing 22 volts of power on nothing but a battery, the Gtech AirRam brings some serious power for a wireless vacuum. While vacuuming, all the waste it picks up is compacted and stored right in the head of the vacuum, making cleaning of the vacuum even easier. With a quick four hour charge time, you will never have to worry about it not being ready.


The View: Black & Decker 2-In-1 SteamMop Review

The View & Dr Gadget: Gtech AirRam Review, Olympus Tough & SteamMop

With spring in full swing, Dr. Gadget showed us some new technology to go along with it.

With spring cleaning, steaming the floor–tiles, wood, or stone–is a given. The Black & Decker 2-In-1 SteamMop allows you to do that and your mopping at the same time. While mopping with the device, you can remove the steamer attachment to get all of those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

 The View: Greenworks 2-In-1 Twin Force Mower Review

There are generally two types of people where electric mowers are involved, according to Dr. Gadget – those that have an electric mower and are disappointed with the power, and those that are thinking about it. The Greenworks 2-In-1 Twin Force Mower  is for both of them and just about anyone else. With 4o-volt lithium ion batters and twin blades, you can be assured that the 10,000 square feet of grass you can cut with one charge will be cut – especially with the mower’s ability to determine the height of the grass and provide more or less power.


 The View: Irrigation Caddy Review

Ever want the ability to control all your sprinklers from the comfort of your laptop? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter – the Irrigation Caddy is just the right product for those looking to streamline their sprinkler system. There is even a smart phone app included to allow you to control your sprinkler system on the go.

 The View: Olympus Tough Review

When springtime comes, people go outdoors. For those that want to capture every moment that may or may not involve water  in which your camera can drown hard surfaces upon which your camera can shatter, the Olympus Tough will do the job.  It’s shock proof, water proof, and proof enough that cameras don’t have to be babied all the time.


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