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The View: As Seen On TV Products

You’ve seen them for years on infomercials and cable TV ads. Now you can find this year’s hottest As Seen On TV products that could help around the house or simplify common tasks. Check out these new products, such as the Ascella Bulb, Dap XHose, and Wraptastic reviews.

The View: Kevin Harrington

Infomercial expert Kevin Harrington was on The View with Sherri Shepherd and guest co-host Abby Lee Miller to talk about his latest and greatest product finds.


The View: Ascella Bulb Review

The View: Ascella Bulb, Dap XHose & Wraptastic Reviews - As Seen On TV

The View showcased this year’s best As Seen On TV products, such as the Ascella Bulb, the Dap XHose, the UpRight-Sleeper, and Wraptastic reviews.

If you are concerned about spring storms and power outages, you may be interested in this new rechargable lightbulb, which will stay lit even if the power goes out. The Ascella Bulb sells for about $20. You can even unscrew it to use as a small flashlight. The bulb should last 15 years and can save money on energy bills.


The View: Make-A-Ball Review

If you have a child in your life who is a sports fanatic, you can capture their memories with Make-A-Ball. These sports balls are customizable for seven different sports, and the cost ranges from $25-75. You can personalize them with pictures, names, and more information.

“It’s something for the whole family,” according to Kevin Harrington.

The View: Dap XHose Review

If you are dreading spring cleaning, you can put an end to the hassles with the Dap XHose, an expandable hose that is easy to store because it retracts when you are done using it. The cost is between $20-60, depending on the length of hose you need for your yard.

“It expands from 18 feet to 50 feet,” Kevin said, demonstrating how the water traveling through the hose expands and contracts. This hose will also never kink.

The View: Wraptastic Reviews

The Wraptastic is an easy to use product that helps you clean up leftovers at spring and summer picnics, or around the kitchen. If you are tired of fighting with plastic wrap, the Wraptastic will help you simplify the cleanup process.

In a wrapping contest, Kevin handily beat Sherri and Abby in a wrapping contest. He said it was 10 times easier to wrap foods using this product. According to some Amazon reviews, customers have not been thrilled with this product. Would you try it?

The View: UpRight-Sleeper Review

If you have a lot of road trips ahead this year (with gas prices, who can afford them anymore?) you might need to catch some Zs while someone else is driving. That’s where the UpRight-Sleeper comes in, and you can get one for $20-47.

The UpRight-Sleeper goes around your chin and behind your neck, which Sherri did not find comfortable. The idea is to keep your head from leaning forward while you are sleeping sitting up. Kevin said this will replace travel pillows as a more comfortable way to sleep.

The View: G’Skin Underwear Review

G’Skin is a strapless silicone undergarment that is ideal for summer when you do not want panty lines. It adheres directly to the skin, which seems like it might be uncomfortable. The retail cost is around $17.

What is your favorite As Seen On TV product of all time? Would you try any of the products featured today?


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