The View Women’s Health: Dr Doris Day, Dr Gail Saltz & Keri Glassman


The View March 26 2013

Recapo update: Here are this show’s segments.

The View continues a week of themed episodes on Tuesday, March 26 2013 with guest co-host Brooke Burke from ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Plus, the hour focuses on medical issues affecting women, with a panel of expert doctors as guests to help answer viewer questions about women’s health.


The View: Brooke Burke & Women’s Health

The View Women's Health: Dr Doris Day, Dr Gail Saltz & Keri Glassman

The View March 26 2013 will feature a panel of experts with advice on women’s health issues.

Just a few months ago, toward the end of 2012, Dancing With The Stars co-host Brooke Burke had a health scare of her own. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and she has not been shy about sharing her story with others. Her treatments have been successful, and you can see how well she is doing now when she co-hosts The View’s Tuesday, March 26 episode.

The View: Gynecology Questions

The ladies on The View have assembled an all-star medical team with doctors in almost every speciality to help answer questions about health. Returning to the show on Tuesday is OB/GYN Dr Shari Brasner, who will have answers to intimate and sometimes embarrassing questions about female health. But as Dr Oz viewers know, there is never anything to be embarrassed about when it comes to your health.


The View: Dr Doris Day Dermatology

If you want clear, beautiful skin–and who doesn’t?–be sure to find out what Dr Doris Day is sharing as the show’s dermatologist on call for this episode. You may have seen her on TV before giving out skin care advice, and she’s back for this health-themed show with the latest treatments and techniques for your best skin.

The View: Dr Gail Saltz & Keri Glassman

Dr Gail Saltz is also on the panel of medical experts, sharing her perspectives on mental health. Find out what relationship advice she has to impart to the audience on the Tuesday, March 26 show.

Rounding out this expert panel for an hour of medical advice and health information are Dr Raj, a disease specialist, and nutritionist Dr Keri Glassman, a registered dietitian and medical doctor. With so many smart people together on one show, we may be learning a lot from this episode!

If you miss anything, check back to Recapo after the Tuesday, March 26 episode for details on the discussions.



  1. says

    Dr.Doris Day was speaking on the view today.
    she spoke of a product that was for older womens hair to make it healthier and thicker,I think the name was Vivacal but am not sure,could you kindly tell me the real name of the product.Thank you.

  2. says

    Dr. Doris Day,spoke about a product for lines around the mouth,I believe it was in a orange box.
    please tell me the name of the product.
    March 26 on the View.
    Thank you

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