The View Vs The Chew: Daytime TV Cook-Off Challenge Recipes


The View March 28 2013

Recapo update: Here are the recipes from the cook-off episode.

The View is new on March 28 2013, and the ladies are taking on some other familiar faces from the world of daytime when they face off against the stars of The Chew. It’s a daytime TV cook-off, and you’re invited. In addition to friends from The Chew, this episode will feature guest host Mario Cantone. It’s The View Vs The Chew!


The View Vs The Chew

The View Vs The Chew: Daytime TV Cook-Off Challenge Recipes

Carla Hall and her friends from The Chew are teaming up with The View co-hosts for a cook-off on The View’s March 28 show. (lev radin /

These hosting teams share a network, but can they share a stage? The co-hosts from The View will have to work together with The Chew crew in a cook-off competition to see who can whip up the best recipes. Do you think one of The View co-hosts will have a special touch that will help them hurdle over the competition?

I think Sherri Shepherd has made light of her culinary ineptitude in the past, but maybe her partner from The Chew can help her compensate for that. We will find out what recipes they throw together on Thursday’s show, so be sure to check back here and add them to your Pinterest page.


The View: The Chew Cook-Off

The ladies of The View, with guest host Mario Cantone, will be pairing off with co-hosts from The Chew, including Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, and Daphne Oz.

Do you have any guesses about who would work well together? If you could be in the live studio audience, would you rather go to The Chew or The View? On the March 28 episode, audience members are getting the best of both worlds.

That is because audience members will help to decide who wins the cooking contest between the hosts of both shows. You get the unpredictable excitement of The View paired with the taste testing fun of The Chew, all on a new episode of The View.

If you miss anything, you know we’ve got you covered with recaps and recipes after the episode airs.


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