The View: Sarah Hyland Modern Family, Paul Anka & Ali Wentworth


The View April 10 2013

Recapo update: Here are the interviews from this episode.

The View is all new on Wednesday, April 10 2013. Get ready for guests Sarah Hyland and Paul Anka. Plus, Ali Wentworth will be a co-host for the day.


The View: Sarah Hyland Modern Family

The View: Sarah Hyland Modern Family, Paul Anka & Ali Wentworth

Could Ali Wentworth’s April 10 guest host stint on The View be an audition for a permanent spot? (Miro Vrlik Photography /

Since 2009, Sarah Hyland has starred as the ditzy oldest Dunphy sister Haley on ABC’s hit sitcom Modern Family. The actress is making a visit to The View, and maybe she will talk about what her character will be up to for the rest of the season, now that she has been kicked out of college, moved back home, and had to get a job.

Did you know that her first acting role was as Howard Stern’s daughter in the movie Private Parts? She has come a long way in the years since then, and she also appears in the new Scary Movie 5, out this weekend and starring everyone from Heather Locklear to Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.


The View: Paul Anka

Did you know that Canadian crooner Paul Anka is still alive? In a week when so many celebrities have died, and people expressed surprise that they had not passed away already, I guess it’s worth noting.

In fact, Paul Anka and the late Mouseketeer Annette Funicello worked together, so maybe he will have some reflections on her passing when he visits The View on Wednesday, April 10 2013.

The View: Ali Wentworth

The View is welcoming Ali Wentworth as a guest co-host on Wednesday, April 10. Remember, there is at least one open spot at the co-hosts’ table this fall, because Joy Behar is retiring from the show. It remains to be seen whether the cast shakeup will continue beyond her.

Regardless, every non-stunt guest host should be seen as someone auditioning to take a permanent spot on the panel, and you can keep that in your head when Ali Wentworth fills in on Wednesday, April 10 2013.


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