The View On Crime: Black & Missing Foundation Co-Founders


The View February 28 2013

February has gone by in a blink, but there is still one more day left, and it will feature an all new episode of The View. This special edition of the show is all about The View On Crime. Attorney Sunny Hostin is the show’s guest co-host for the day.

The View On Crime: Black & Missing Foundation

The View On Crime: Black & Missing Foundation Co-Founders

The View On Crime for February 28 2013 will conclude the month by spotlighting the co-founders of the Black & Missing Foundation and urgent cases.


The View On Crime will focus on minorities who go missing that you may not have heard about in the news. The co-founders of the Black & Missing Foundation are Derrica and Natalie Wilson. They will be joining the ladies of The View to talk about why they started the organization and how it works.

The Black & Missing Foundation has also been featured on the TV One series Find Our Missing, which profiles missing persons whose cases have not always been prominently featured in the news. Aside from being a valuable public service, the show provides compelling mysteries for its viewers.

I just hope, along with Derrica and Natalie Wilson, that increased visibility can help to crack some of these baffling missing persons cases and give the families some answers. More about the foundation will be explained on the February 28 2013 episode.


The View: Hilarious Teachers Contest

All this week, The View is holding a Hilarious Teachers Contest. This is an offshot of The View’s How Funny Are You?, which is part of The Year of the Viewer. Guest judge Mario Cantone will be back to weigh in on another classroom comedian who is bringing humor to the hallways.

Did you ever have a funny or entertaining teacher when you were growing up? I remember having a middle school math teacher who would regale us with monologues at the beginning of each day about her outrageous home life. I always preferred her stories to homework.

You can see all these segments on The View February 28 2013, or check back after the show for recaps of what you missed.


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