The View: Olympia Snowe Fighting For Common Ground & Jessica Capshaw


The View: May 16 2013

Update From Recapo: Here are the segments from today’s show:

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The View: Olympia Snowe Fighting For Common Ground & Bipartisanship

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The View: Jessica Capshaw

The View: Olympia Snowe Fighting For Common Ground & Jessica Capshaw

Olympia Snowe will talk about her career in politics and her new book, Fighting For Common Ground.


Jessica Capshaw is no stranger to a hospital. She currently plays Dr. Arizona Robbins on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, but it goes back further than that. Her career actually started in 1999, when she made a guest appearance on the television drama ER. In addition to being a doctor, Jessica Capshaw has also dabbled in the legal world with The Practice, a show about a Boston law firm that ran on ABC for eight seasons. Besides her regular roles, she has been all over television, with guest appearances on numerous television series. I can imagine that she will probably end up spending time talking about Grey’s Anatomy for most of her time on The View, because what else will she talk about?

Olympia Snowe Fighting For Common Ground Review

Former United States Senator Olympia Snow will be coming on the show tomorrow to talk about her new book, Fighting For Common Ground. The 66-year-old politician started her career in her late twenties, winning a seat on the Board of Voter Registration working under Congressman William Cohen. From there, things moved quickly.

When her husband was tragically killed in a car accident in 1973, Olympia Snowe, at the urging of friends and family, ran to fill her late husband’s Auburn-based seat in the Maine House of Representative. At the young age of 26, she won. By 1978, Olympia Snowe had been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. By 1989, she had remarried to  John “Jock” McKernan, but tragedy struck her home life yet again when her stepson died of a heart ailment in 1991.


These are only a few samples of the many events that shaped this woman’s incredible career, but I am sure that they will both be part of tomorrow’s interview and her new book, Fighting For Common Ground.


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