The View: MTV VJs, 98 Degrees & George Lopez I’m Not Gonna Lie Review


The View: May 6 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

The View: George Lopez I’m Not Gonna Lie Review & Kidney Transplant

The View Original MTV VJs: Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter & Mark Goodman

The View: 98 Degrees Returns, 2.0 Review & A Father’s Lullaby

We have the original VJ’s from MTV’s debut in the ’80s coming in to talk about their new book, George Lopez coming in to talk about a book of his own, and musical guest 98 Degrees, all being co-hosted by Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project.


The View: George Lopez I’m Not Gonna Lie Review

The View: MTV VJs, 98 Degrees & George Lopez I'm Not Gonna Lie Review

Hear four of the five original VJs talk about this tomorrow. (ValeStock /

With Jim Gaffigan releasing his book, Dad Is Fat, tomorrow and George Lopez coming on to talk about I’m Not Gonna Lie, it seems like every comedian is releasing a book nowadays. No, Dane Cook, that does not give you permission to write a book. It would probably be in all caps and feature a lot of pictures of Dane making strange faces and gestures. NOT FUNNY.

The View: 98 Degrees Performs

Ahh, 98 Degrees, I would love to wax nostalgic about how your songs perfectly complemented the time where I tried to give my crush my cookies during snack time, but I have no recollection of you.


You came from an era where boy bands were more prevalent than headlines about O.J. Simpson, Monica Lewinsky, and Napster (and it looks like that trend is sadly returning). In all fairness, it would have been very hard for you to stand out in my seven-year-old mind, so let’s see if you can leave a mark on my 23-year-old one with your performance tomorrow.

The View: VJ: The Unplugged Adventure of MTV’s First Wave Review

Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn—do those names ring any bells? No? Yes? Definitely no. Given how few self-respecting people actually go to MTV today for anything concerning music, we could forgive you for forgetting four of the five original VJs for MTV when it first launched in the ’80s, long before video killed the radio star.

Anyhow, these four former VJ’s will be coming in to discuss their new book,  VJ: The Unplugged Adventure of MTV’s First Wave, and talk about what it was like to work for MTV when the “M” meant anything. See you tomorrow!


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