The View: John Malkovich The Giacomo Variations Review & Matilda Performance


The View: May 22 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

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On The View May 22 2013, actor John Malkovich will be coming in to talk about his role in the play, The Giacomo Variations, and the cast of Broadway’s Matilda will be performing.


The View: John Malkovich

The View: John Malkovich The Giacomo Variations Review & Matilda Performance

John Malkovich will be coming to The View May 22 2013 to talk about The Giacomo Variations. (Featureflash /

The 59-year-old John Malkovich got his start in acting in 1976. He, along with a few friends and fellow actors, became charter members of the  Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. By 1980, John had moved to New York City to perform in a Steppenwolf production of a Sam Shepard play, True West. Winning an Obie Award for his role in the play, things only went upwards for the actor after that.

John Malkovich’s big break on the silver screen came from his supporting role in 1984’s Places In The Heart, where he was nominated and won the award for Best Sopporting Actor for his portrayal of the character Mr. Will. What made him a star, however, was his role playing Valmont, a very sinister role, for the film Dangerous Liaisons.


John Malkovich eventually made a directoral debut in 2002 with the film The Dancer Upstairs, a crime thriller that is also an adaptation of the Nicholas Shakespeare novel of the same name. The movie was well-received by critics and currently sits at a 64% percent average on critical aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

The View: Broadway’s Matilda

Ahh, Matilda. I have many fond memories myself of the 1996 film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s 1988 novel. The chokey box. The cake-eating scene. The beautiful Ms. Honey. The sadistic Agatha Trunchbull. It was such a great movie, and hearing that it has come to Broadway has me wondering how they will pull off the telekenetic powers that Matilda possesses. I haven’t been inside a theater in years, so I can only assume they have made some technological leap that I’m not aware of…or the Broadway theater just has an awesome budget. Either way, it will surely be interesting to see a performance from the actors in the production.


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